Dreamlight Valley update frees critters, chests, and quest progression


Gameloft details more hotfixes coming in a Disney Dreamlight Valley update next week, which include fixes to bugs impeding critter feeding, the resolution of several issues blocking quest progression, and more freedom for your main house chest placement. The life game recently introduced a number of key quality-of-life upgrades with the Dreamlight Valley Encanto update, but several more fixes are now on the way.

“Not even the Frosted Heights blizzard can slow you down!” Gameloft exclaims, thanking fans for their “wonderful community feedback” on update three, A Festival of Friendship. It says that a hotfix scheduled for “early next week” will aim to resolve several notable bugs that have cropped up since the update launch.

Among the fixes listed for the update is that quests will no longer block you from feeding critters. This should make it easier to fill out your collection – especially if, like me, you were previously locked out of unlocking them as companions until the arrival of the recent update by another common bug.

Another handy change is that you’ll be able to place your main house chest outside now – helpful if you like to use it as a drop-off point to dump things quickly without having to load into your house. There are also several quest progression fixes, including one for missing Dandelion Syrup in the ‘What Home Feels Like’ quest and a cave progression blocker in the ‘Stitch’s Hobby’ quest.

The team says it will give more information on when the update will arrive early next week. In the meantime, you can check the Dreamlight Valley issue tracker to see if any other problems you’re having are being addressed.

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