Sons of the Forest overtakes Twitch’s most popular viewer category


With the Sons of the Forest release date finally here, the survival game has been off to an absolutely colossal start on platforms like Steam, and it looks like developer Endnight can add Twitch to the game’s lists of conquests, as Sons of the Forest briefly obliterated the viewer count of the platforms most popular category.

After the Sons of the Forest Steam users already outranked the likes of Rust and Rainbow Six Siege, the multiplayer game also dethroned Twitch’s most popular category, Just Chatting, very briefly when it launched, with it likely to happen again at some point soon.

While Twitch’s Just Chatting is an eternally popular category for streamers and viewers alike, Sons of the Forest had a brief moment overtaking it. Twitch’s Just Chatting hit a peak around 606,791 viewers on February 23, the early access launch day of Sons of the Forest, while the survival game had a peak of 769,285 on the same day. That’s over 150,000 more live viewers for Sons of the Forest than Just Chatting at both categories peaks on February 23.

It’s still early days and likely that Sons of the Forest will need some time to settle into its own average Twitch viewer counts, but the game has risen back up to around 300,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch as of publication, getting close to overtaking Twitch’s Just Chatting a couple of times (via Twitch Tracker).

Whether Sons of the Forest will overtake Twitch’s Just Chatting again remains to be seen, but the gargantuan launch of the horror game cannot be understated at this point, considering it also recently overtook Starfield as the most wishlisted game on Steam as well.

If you’ve been busy with Endnight’s newest release since launch, we’ve got plenty of guides to help you get set up with your friends as fast as possible, with a look at the Sons of the Forest shovel location, a breakdown of the Sons of the Forest map, and even all the essential Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands.

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