How to get the Comet Egg in Pet Simulator X


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Roblox Pet Simulator X is one of the biggest games on the platform, so when they release a new update people are clamoring to try out the new content! With new additions to the game, comes many questions on how things work. If you want to know how to get the Comet Egg in the game, we’ll tell you how to do it in this guide.

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Where to find the Comet Egg

To get the Comet Egg, you will need to wait for a comet to randomly fall when you are in the game. You should receive an alert when one becomes available. You will then need to send your pets after the comet that has fallen to destroy it and allow access to the Comet Egg that will be inside of the comet itself.

The best way to find one is to just hop around servers and see if one has already spawned. It is randomly based on the server, it does not spawn across all servers at the same time.

The comet has quite a bit of health, so you will likely need some friends and other players to help out to destroy it. Once it has been broken, you will find the Comet Egg inside of the comet. The event is random, so you will just have to wait for it to happen.

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That’s all you need to know about getting the Comet Egg in the game! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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