Diablo Immortal update 1.7.5 starts season 11 in underwhelming style


As the Diablo Immortal update 1.7.5 patch notes arrive, there are some minor feature improvements and a range of returning limited-time events to Blizzard’s crossover RPG game. The patch also sees the start of Diablo Immortal season 11 but, outside of that, there’s not a great deal new to tide players over until the next major update – although, with the Diablo 4 beta on the way, there’s still lots to look forward to for loot fans.

First up, Blizzard notes that, as Daylight Savings Time arrives across multiple regions, the Diablo Immortal server times are changing. When the next major update arrives on March 30, the North America and Europe servers will jump forward an hour. Following this, Oceania server time will fall back one hour on April 12.

Diablo Immortal season 11 begins March 16 and ends April 13 at 3am server time. It’s titled ‘Sea Reavers’ and features a range of items themed around the high seas of Sanctuary, including a pirate-themed cosmetic set that can be earned as part of the seasonal battle pass. There will also be the usual range of Diablo Immortal legendary gems, crests, hilts, and other such materials and currencies on offer.

Four limited-time events are taking place over the remainder of March, giving players additional ways to earn rare resources by logging in and completing various tasks. There are also some useful quality-of-life features aimed at streamlining crafting for items such as Telluric Pearls and adding a refresh timer for the hilts trader.

Otherwise, however, the update is fairly dry – meaning there’s not an awful lot to keep players excited for the course of March, especially as the team says there will be a break from the regularly scheduled content update in two weeks as the team prepares the third major update. Community manager Adam ‘PezRadar’ Fletcher also notes that the initially announced ‘hide helm’ toggle is being delayed to a future update.

With two Diablo 4 beta weekends planned over the course of the month, perhaps Blizzard is hopeful that players will dive into that instead, otherwise fans will have to hope that there’s big news when the next major Diablo Immortal update arrives on March 30.

Diablo Immortal patch notes – update 1.7.5

Here are the Diablo Immortal patch notes for update 1.7.5, which is live now as of March 8:

Diablo Immortal season 11

  • Diablo Immortal season 11, Sea Reavers, begins March 16 and ends April 13 at 3am server time.
  • The season 11 battle pass includes 40 ranks worth of challenges and rewards, including legendary gems, crests, hilts, and more.

Feature updates

Armoury optimisation

  • The Armoury will now allow players to choose whether to save specific items to loadouts in addition to other properties (legendary essence, legendary gems, bonus attributes, paragon tree, and skills). This change is being made to amend a bug that occurred when players would attempt to sell or disenchant an item that was saved within a loadout.
  • A new checkbox feature has been added to the Armoury UI, allowing players to toggle whether specific equipment is saved to a loadout. Players can check the box to save only properties or leave the box unchecked to maintain current Armoury functionality.

Telluric Pearls crafting

  • If you have previously visited the gem-binder in an Elder Rift, you can now craft legendary gems with Telluric Pearls directly at the apprentice jeweler via the Telluric craft tab. Players will still need 40 Telluric Pearls to craft a legendary gem.

Helliquary Raid notifications

  • When a player receives multiple Helliquary Raid notifications at once, an indicator will now point to an option in the Settings menu that allows players to opt out of Helliquary Raid invitations until the next reset.

Hilts trader refresh indicator

  • A timer has been added to the hilts trader’s shop menu to indicate when their stock will refresh.

Defend the Vault queue

  • The queuing system for the Immortal team in Defend the Vault will now prioritize alerting a team near the front of the queue who has similar strength to a corresponding Shadow Raid. If no proper match is available, then the queue will continue as it previously did and alert the Immortal team closest to the front of the queue.

Cosmetic items

  • New ‘Contest of Knaves’ cosmetic set available for 1,000 Eternal Orbs.

Diablo Immortal update 1.7.5 patch notes - a demon hunter with deer antlers holds out two crossbows at arms' length

Limited-time events

Adventurer’s Path LTE

  • Adventurer’s Path runs March 8-16 at 3am server time.
  • Complete tasks to earn gold, enchanted dust, and scrap materials.
  • Upon completing 3 tasks: One random legendary item.
  • Upon completing 5 tasks: Three rare crests.
  • Upon completing 16 tasks: One Telluric Pearl.
  • Upon completing 20 tasks: One legendary crest.

Fractured Plane LTE

  • Fractured Plane runs March 16 – April 6 at 3am server time.
  • Take on a 15-floor gauntlet without your usual gear, gems and skills. Instead, you will be provided with a set of pre-selected skills, and will find Chaos Coins and unstable gear as you progress through the floors.
  • Make it to the fifteenth floor without dying more than five times and you’ll be able to select six of the legendary items you encountered during your run – one of which will then be awarded at random for you to keep outside the Fractured Plane.

Accursed Secrets LTE

  • Accursed Secrets runs March 24-30.
  • Beginning at level 20, uncover Accursed Secrets and receive rewards by logging in on specific days.
  • March 24: Three rare crests.
  • March 26: One Telluric Pearl.
  • March 30: One legendary crest.
  • During the Accursed Secrets event, dispatch Cursed Elite monsters daily to receive additional rewards. Adventurers level 30 and higher will receive 100% additional battle pass experience while the event is running.

Hungering Moon LTE

  • Hungering Moon runs March 30 – April 6 at 3am server time.
  • Through completing tasks, you’ll gain Astrolabe Power, which can be used to draw one of two blessing types with unique benefits.
  • Blessing of More: gives you a 50% bonus to gold drops from dungeons or a 10% damage increase while in dungeons for a limited time, along with five Moonslivers.
  • Blessing of Might: invites you to complete any dungeon in exchange for Moonslivers. If you complete the dungeon with a party, twice the amount of Moonslivers will be bestowed upon you.
  • You may have one of each blessing active at a time.
  • Visit the Hermit’s Collection on the Hungering Moon event page to exchange your earned Moonslivers for additional rewards.
  • 10 Moonslivers – Three rare crests.
  • 50 Moonslivers – One random set item.
  • 130 Moonslivers – One Telluric Pearl.
  • 230 Moonslivers – One legendary crest.

For now, then, perhaps a spot of Diablo Immortal fishing is on the cards. The Diablo Immortal roadmap says that a new class is on the way – so keep an eye on our Diablo Immortal tier list and be sure you’re rocking one of the best Diablo Immortal builds to ensure you’re ready to go.

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