GTA 5 DLC brings an eye-popping end to the Los Santos Drug Wars


There’s new GTA 5 DLC coming to the game’s online mode soon, as The Last Dose provides the “eye-popping conclusion” to the story of Dax and the Fooliganz from the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update. This final chapter to the hallucinogenic quest chain for the multiplayer game arrives next week, with a trailer from Rockstar Games teasing all the over-the-top action you can expect.

The Last Dose sees the mysterious ‘Powers That Be’ pushing pack against Dax and his crew, meaning the Fooliganz will need all the help they can muster to overcome ‘the man’ and bring their own brand of narcotics-flavoured peace to the city. The trailers feature a clown standing outside a burning circus, a man balancing a pineapple on his head to tune into the special airwaves, and a giant, flying cheeseburger. Yeah, really.

The update sees you tackle five new story missions in the online mode for the Rockstar crime game, uncovering “the mysterious connection between Los Santos’ illicit drug trade and the pharmaceutical industry” in what promises to be a resoundingly ridiculous finale. If you’re after a bit more GTA-brand mayhem, then it’s certainly looking to deliver on that.

GTA Online The Last Dose release date

GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose arrives on March 16 for PC, alongside PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It’s free for all players, although you’ll need to make sure you’ve met up with Nervous Ron and the Fooliganz Crew in the previous chapters beforehand in order to unlock The Freakshop and the Acid Lab vehicle.

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