WoW Dragonflight is free to play, but you don’t have long to do so


If you’ve wanted to try WoW Dragonflight for free, you can now do just that – but you’ll have to act fast, because Blizzard isn’t offering the option for long. The latest expansion for one of the most influential MMORPGs of all time, Dragonflight takes players to World of Warcraft’s Dragon Isles and introduces the new Dracthyr race, along with their unique Evoker class, and a delightful Dragonriding feature that lets you soar around on your own scaly mount.

Blizzard notes that “All players with an inactive WoW account will receive trial access to Dragonflight,” making it a perfect time to dip back in if you’ve fallen off the game in recent years and wondered whether Dragonflight was the right time to return. In addition to this, Blizzard says, “If you don’t have a level 60, check the Battlenet launcher app – there may just be a gift for you!” Unfortunately, WoW Classic subs aren’t included in this deal.

Those of you wanting to give this a shot will have to move fast, however. The WoW Dragonflight free trial period is live now and ends on March 12 at 11:59 PDT (note that US clocks have moved to daylight time as of March 12). Converting that into other time zones, the trial ends on March 13 at 3am EDT / 7am GMT / 8am CET / 6pm AET across other regions.

That means you don’t have long to check out what’s on offer, and you’ll need an active subscription or game time on your account to keep playing afterwards. You’ll be able to progress the main campaign up to the ‘Charge of Care’ quest in the Waking Shores and, while your character won’t level past 60 during the free trial, all your earned experience during the free period will be saved and awarded to your character if you upgrade.

If you do like what you see during the trial period, or if our WoW Dragonflight review has you tempted to return to WoW, then all editions of World of Warcraft Dragonflight are on sale through 15 March, with 20% off the base, heroic, and epic editions of the expansion.

Players who decide to jump in will want to make sure they’re rocking the best WoW addons in 2023. Take a look at our WoW Dragonflight tier list if you want to know which classes are best these days, and find out why the newly introduced WoW cross-faction guilds don’t take the ‘war’ out of Warcraft.

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