Rainbow Six Siege is temporarily a free game, so you need to act fast


If you’ve never played Rainbow Six Siege, the stalwart online FPS from Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry developer Ubisoft, now’s the perfect opportunity, as the multiplayer shooter is fleetingly a free game on the Epic Games Store. Break out the battering rams, steel your riot shields, and corral a few would-be special forces buddies – if you act fast, you can jump into R6 Siege for absolutely nothing.

From March 9 to March 16, Rainbow Six Siege is free-to-play via the Epic Games Store, letting you test out all the best Rainbow Six Siege operators, as well as the new Year 8 content, for the low price of $0. Brava, an operator who can hijack enemy gadgets and turn them against her opponents has just arrived in Siege, alongside a rework to reload system to make it more realistic.

In the past, you could cancel the reload mid-animation and swiftly turn on players who might otherwise have gotten the drop on you. Now, once you start your reload, you’re locked in until it completes, so you need to carefully plan when to slot in a fresh magazine.

Though you don’t have long to experience Rainbow Six Siege for free, any progress you make during the trial period will be carried over, if you decide to buy the full game. The standard edition of Siege is also on sale until March 16, down 60% to just $7.99 USD (or £6.79 GBP). That means you can give it a go for nothing, then pick it up at a hefty discount if you want the full experience. You can find Rainbow Six Siege over on the Epic Games Store.

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