How to Romance Darius in Sun Haven


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Sun Haven is a casual, multiplayer fantasy farming simulation game from Pixel Sprout Studios that released in 2023. Players build and upgrade their farm, help restore shops in the area, and try to rejuvenate the town by recruiting neighbors. In the game, you can also romance certain characters in order to strengthen your bond with them. If you need to know how to romance Darius in Sun Haven, we have a detailed guide!

How to Romance Darius in Sun Haven

To romance Darius in Sun Haven, you will want to give him gifts that he loves and likes. He loves Red and Blue Rose Bouquets, Glorite Ore/Bar/Enchanted Bar/Swords, Sunite Swords, Devilfin, Ghost Pepper, Steak, and Withercake as gifts. He likes foods like Bone Gifts, Spicy Ramen, and Diamonds as gifts. His unique item is Darius’ Royal Heirloom.

Love or Like Item How to Obtain
Love Red / Blue Rose Bouquets Farmer’s Table
Love Glorite Ore Mining
Love Glorite Bar Anvil
Love Glorite Enchanted Bar Anvil
Love Glorite Sword Anvil
Love Sunite Sword Anvil
Love Devilfin Cooking
Love Ghost Pepper Cooking
Love Steak Cooking
Love Withercake Record Store
Like Bone Gift Purchase from City Hall
Like Spicy Ramen Cooking
Like Diamond Mining

In Sun Haven, there is a relationship level cap of 15 Hearts (unless married, which is raised to 20 Hearts). There are five stages in romance: pre-dating, dating, engaged, wedding, and married. You can date as many characters are you want. You have the option to propose to a character after you have hit the 15 Hearts relationship level cap.

We hope our guide on how to romance Darius has helped you take your friendship with her to the next level! Check out all of our Sun Haven coverage.

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