CSGO Source 2 looks almost certain as Valve adds ‘CS2’ to Steam


A new CSGO, of some description, is almost certainly on its way. Especially during the last few days, Valve has made numerous updates to the Steam backend of its flagship FPS game. Potentially, this could signal a revamped, new-engine version of the multiplayer shooter in the form of CSGO Source 2. Alternatively, the long-speculated Counter-Strike 2 release date could be upon us – with the latest update, which adds an executable marked ‘CS2’ that possibility may seem more likely. But we need to play it cool. Here’s the latest on the new CSGO.

On March 14, we reported on a string of updates added to CSGO’s hidden pre-release folders. Valve seemingly uploaded a raft of additional files and material, all of it marked for an upcoming beta release. If Counter-Strike 2 or CSGO Source 2 are on the way, it would make sense for Valve to trial them via a public beta beforehand, so naturally, a batch of updates added to the CSGO beta folders makes it look as if something is on its way. Better get grinding those CSGO ranks just to be on the safe side.

New evidence however, also acquired from CSGO’s Steam archive, suggests something even more solid. In the late hours of March 14, Valve once again accessed the pre-release branch of CSGO and added a new app description: “Limited test build.” Much more interestingly, there’s now a fresh executable – the filetype used to launch games – buried in CSGO’s Steam page: “CS2.exe.” You can see it for yourself, courtesy of SteamDB, in the image below:

So, with a little deduction (or perhaps wishful thinking) we can argue that a limited test build, or beta, is on the way for something called ‘CS2.’ On the surface, this might sound like a full Counter-Strike sequel, ‘CS2’ naturally standing for ‘Counter-Strike 2.’

More likely however is that CSGO is being ported to the Source 2 engine, and potentially being rebranded as Counter-Strike 2 going forward, hence the name for the executable. We’ll keep an eye on it and bring you all the latest CSGO developments as soon as they arrive.

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