FFXIV deep dungeon expert shares their Eureka Orthos tips and thoughts


The arrival of new FFXIV deep dungeon Eureka Orthos is one of the most exciting parts of FFXIV patch 6.35, as the roguelike-inspired twist on the MMORPG offers some of the most unique experiences to be found in Final Fantasy 14. While it can be quite intimidating, one of the mode’s best players has shared some helpful Eureka Orthos tips and tricks to help you take on one of FFXIV’s most challenging dungeons.

‘Angelus Demonus’ is an FFXIV deep dungeon specialist, and recently showcased the mode during speedrunning event AGDQ 2023. He’s also made it through both Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High solo on all 19 jobs; a rather staggering feat given that just one solo clear can take well over a dozen hours for a single attempt and is considered among the toughest challenges in the entire game.

“I would definitely consider my Astrologian clear in Palace of the Dead one I am proud of,” Angelus tells the FFXIV community team, citing “A nearly 5-6 month journey of over 19 attempts trying to get that clear” as his final solo clear for PotD. He shares some of his most heartbreaking moments, such as accidentally leaping into a Luring Trap on floor 193 while playing as a Dragoon. “I had a good laugh about it, though, even if it meant roughly 12 hours of climbing 193 floors went down the drain, haha.”

So what does Angelus Demonus recommend to those starting out with solo deep dungeons? Community resources top the list, from written guides such as Maygi’s Palace of the Dead handbook to Angelus’s own YouTube channel which includes full-length live tutorials. But on top of that, “Play the job you have most fun with! You’re going to be in for potentially a long journey for your first solo title; it would be so much more fun to do it your way.”

He also stresses the importance of being prepared to fail. Speaking about Eureka Orthos specifically, he notes that “The number of enemies that can one-shot you is insane, and I feel this deep dungeon requires so much more knowledge-gathering versus hoping you can react fast enough with a good amount of knowledge sprinkled in.” So learning is more important than anything, although even once you have your strategy you’ll still have to execute it almost flawlessly to survive.

Outside of the challenge level, Angelus remarks upon the “noticeable amount of care and thought put into the design of Eureka Orthos.” He says the cave layouts remind him of Palace of the Dead, but “look so pretty with the different crystal colours and the bright lighting.” Topping that all off, he gives a special nod to the music – highlighting one instance where a muffled version of ‘Tumbling Down’ plays, giving you the feeling that players high above Eureka Orthos are fighting Cerberus in the Crystal Tower alliance raid.

In closing, Angelus Demonus says, “The deep dungeon solo community is small but growing at an amazing rate. If you ever have questions or need tips and strategies, the community is out there ready to help and share as much intel as we can. Good luck out there!”

If you’re still unsure which of the FFXIV jobs to take into Eureka Orthos, our handy guide should help you pick a favourite. If you’d prefer to take things at a slightly more leisurely pace, our FFXIV Island Sanctuary guide will ensure you get the most out of the farming game side activity that’s proven to be one of the highlights post-Endwalker.

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