How to get BubbleFish in Sun Haven


Sun Haven is a casual, multiplayer fantasy farming simulation game from Pixel Sprout Studios that released in 2023. Players build and upgrade their farm, help restore shops in the area, and try to rejuvenate the town by recruiting neighbors. You can also go fishing and catch a variety of fish that can be used in-game. If you need to know how to get BubbleFish in Sun Haven, we have a detailed location guide on where to fish!

How to get BubbleFish – Location Guide

To get BubbleFish, you will need to head to Elven Forest and use a fishing rod. Then cast your line or set your net and wait for a fish to be caught. It may take a few tries, so be patient! This type of fish sells for 18 Coins (Normal), 22 Coins (Rare), 27 Coins (Epic), and 36 Coins (Legendary). When consumed on its own, it has the effect of +70 mana.

Fishing requires a fishing rod that they’ll then cast, and if the bobber wobbles in the water, then that means a fish has bitten at the end of the line. You can also invest in fishing nets, which can be purchased at Peter’s Fishing Store at Sun Haven Beach or crafted on a loom. The catches you make, whether by net or by rod, can also be consumed on their own for an increase in mana or health. Fishing rods can be used to fish in in Sun Haven, Withergate, Nel’Vari, and the Forests.

Additionally, in Sun Haven, Cooking is an activity that you can do to create dishes and consumable food items that give your character a bonus effect. Some ingredients can be purchased from places like the Bakery or Cafe, while others are harvested from crops you’ve planted at your farm. Fish that you’ve caught by fishing can be used in recipes or elsewhere in the game.

We hope our guide on how to get BubbleFish in Sun Haven has helped you get it quickly so you can start fishing! Check out all of our Sun Haven coverage.

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