Does Resident Evil 4 Remake have new game plus?


Wondering if Resident Evil 4 has new game plus mode? New game plus is a traditional feature of the series, unlocking new ways to play the game, to challenge yourself, or – since so much of your inventory carries over – just to stomp early areas with late-game weaponry.

We’ve had plenty of time with the game now, and in this article will explain exactly what new game plus is, how to unlock it in Resident Evil 4 Remake, why you would want to do so, and what gear carries over to your new playthrough.

Does Resident Evil 4 Remake have new game plus?

Yes, Resident Evil 4 Remake has a new game plus mode. No matter what difficulty mode you start playing Resident Evil 4 Remake on, you will automatically unlock new game plus as soon you finish the campaign for the first time. Also unlocked at the same time is Hardcore mode, a new higher-difficulty mode that adds more enemies to each encounter while dropping less ammo and health on the ground.

New game plus allows you to bring your arsenal of weapons with you to a brand new save as you go through the horror game once more. This makes unlocking Resident Evil 4 Remake S ranks much easier as you should be able to speed through early sections of the game with your suitcase filled with upgraded weapons, healing items, and resources to craft more ammo.

How to start new game plus in Resident Evil 4

You can start new game plus in Resident Evil 4 by finishing your first playthrough, and then taking the chance to save your game when it’s offered. Then simply load your post-story save as you would any other saved game, and you’ll begin the game again in new game plus.

If you missed the opportunity to make a post-story save, don’t fret – you can always reload your most recent save and complete the story again.

What carries over into Resident Evil 4 Remake new game plus?

Here’s what you bring with you in Resident Evil 4 Remake new game plus:

  • Weapons (including upgrades)
  • Ammo
  • Healing items (herbs, first aid sprays)
  • Crafting materials
  • Treasure
  • Money (Pesetas)
  • Challenge Points
  • Attaché case charms

It’s important to note that you cannot bring any key items with you, that includes anything that has the potential to unlock areas ahead of time. Likewise, you have to complete every side quest again as your progress does not carry over from save to save.

What is Resident Evil 4 new game plus and what does it do

New game plus is a full new playthrough of Resident Evil 4 Remake, but you get to keep all the gear listed above from the end of your first playthrough. If you’re trying to obtain the best ranks by completing the survival game in the fastest time possible, it’s essential to take advantage of this feature. While it might seem daunting at first to finish the game in under five hours, you’d be surprised how much you can shave off your Resident Evil 4 Remake time when you don’t have to spend time dealing with the merchant, and can blast through early areas with late-game gear even o harder difficulties.

That’s all you need to know about Resident Evil 4 Remake new game plus. If you want to know more about the game, including who the Resident Evil 4 Remake cast are and when Mercenaries mode is coming out, definitely check out our guides.

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