How to Get and Utilize Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4


Murmuring Obols are a special currency exclusive to Diablo 4 that players can acquire by completing local events. These events, which appear at various locations on the map, involve completing challenges such as defeating enemies and offer lucrative rewards such as high-level gear, gold, and experience. By collecting and spending Murmuring Obols, players can obtain valuable gear that makes it worthwhile to participate in local events.

Earning Murmuring Obols through Local Events

Local events are scattered across various regions and zones in Diablo 4. While not marked on the main map, a large red circle will appear on the mini-map when a player is near an event location. Notably, world events, including the Ashava boss fight, do not seem to grant Murmuring Obols as rewards.

Players can earn a consistent supply of Murmuring Obols by participating in local events, either solo or in a group. Events can spawn throughout the map and often have an optional Mastery requirement. Completing the Mastery requirement will grant extra Obols, allowing players to earn up to 35 Murmuring Obols per event. Players may also receive Murmuring Caches, a consumable item that awards 50 Murmuring Obols upon use.


These local events vary by their location, and will possibly be some of the following:

  • Ancient Siphon – Obliterate a swarm of foes near three powerful pillars, and then destroy the pillars to complete the objective.
  • Caravan Under Siege – Protect a caravan or multiple caravans from destruction at the hands of marauding demons.
  • Cull the Wicked – Overcome all adversaries, including a formidable mini-boss, to emerge victorious.
  • Cursed Chest – Break open a mysterious container and fend off a swarm of hellish fiends that surge forth.
  • Hold Your Ground – Similar to the caravan event, but with a smaller group to defend against waves of relentless attackers.
  • Insatiable Hunger – A challenging boss battle awaits at the center of the arena, surrounded by minions that must be defeated to weaken the boss’s strength.
  • Liberation – Release captives from imprisonment and defeat any enemies that stand in the way.
  • Rites of Ascension – Take on a spell-casting enemy and its minions in an intense battle for supremacy.
  • Wayward Soul – Battle a horde of enemies while assisting a wandering spirit in its quest to reunite with its kin.

Murmuring Obols do not appear in a player’s inventory. To view this currency, players must open their character sheet (by pressing C or I) and click the “Materials and Stats” button next to their character window. A cap exists on the number of Murmuring Obols players can hold, which may increase later in the game. Players should spend their Obols when nearing the cap to avoid losing any.

Spending Murmuring Obols at Curiosities Vendors

Curiosities Vendors can be found in several locations throughout Sanctuary, such as Kyovashad and Yalesna. These merchants exchange Murmuring Obols for random pieces of equipment in specific categories. Although the basic item might be similar to one found in the wild, it usually has improved stats or unique perks that make the exchange worth the Obols.

When spending Murmuring Obols at a Curiosities Vendor, players choose the equipment slot but not the specific item. The vendor sells various gear, including main hand, off hand, two-hand, cap, tunic, gloves, boots, pants, ring, amulet, and the mysterious Whispering Key. The rarity of the item received can range from common, magic, rare, legendary, or higher.

Here’s a look at the prices for each of the equipment slots and items:

  • Main Hand: 50 Murmuring Obols
  • Off Hand: 40 Murmuring Obols
  • Two-Hand: 75 Murmuring Obols
  • Cap: 40 Murmuring Obols
  • Tunic: 40 Murmuring Obols
  • Gloves: 25 Murmuring Obols
  • Boots: 25 Murmuring Obols
  • Pants: 40 Murmuring Obols
  • Ring: 40 Murmuring Obols
  • Amulet: 60 Murmuring Obols
  • Whispering Key: 20 Murmuring Obols

Murmuring Obols are a valuable currency in Diablo 4 that can be earned by participating in local events and spent at Curiosities Vendors for powerful equipment. Players should save their Obols and use them strategically, such as when reaching a power plateau or upon reaching max level when looking for specific Aspects.

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