How to spawn and summon a Golem in Diablo 4


In Diablo IV, Necromancers emerge as masterful summoners who expertly command the undead to exact revenge upon their foes. These crafty manipulators of Essence specialize in three potent domains: Bone, Blood, and Shadow, enabling them to overpower enemies with terrifying efficiency. As part of the ultimate action RPG experience, Diablo IV offers players endless evil to vanquish, a plethora of abilities to hone, nightmarish dungeons to explore, and legendary loot to acquire. Players can embark on the gripping campaign alone or join forces with friends, traversing through hauntingly beautiful landscapes. The shared world of Diablo IV also invites players to converge in towns for trading, team up to tackle formidable world bosses, or enter PVP zones to challenge other players in thrilling battles.

Spawning and Summoning Your Golem

A bit of confusion appears to be with actually summoning your Golem in the game after you unlock it. The thing you will need to do is to assign the Golem skill to your hotbar! This is somewhat unintuitive, so we’ll tell you how to do it based on the platform you’re playing below.

For PC players, enabling and summoning the Golem skill is as simple as pressing the “S” key and selecting the desired skill from the bottom of the window that appears. Add the Golem skill to your hotbar and you can now press it to summon your Golem.

For console players or those using a controller, follow these steps: First, press the menu button (typically marked with horizontal lines and located on the right side of the device). Next, navigate to the ability menu by pressing the right bumper. Then, press the left stick to access the skill menu. Finally, choose the skill you want to assign to your action bar – the Golem button can be found at the bottom. To confirm your selection, press the “A” button on Xbox or the “X” button on PlayStation.

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Unlocking the Golem

In order to unlock the golem, players must first complete the Necromancer: Call of the Underworld quest. This particular quest becomes available automatically upon reaching level 25.

To begin the quest, head to the Shrine of Rathma, which is conveniently located northwest of the Menestad Waypoint. Tracking the quest will make finding the shrine a breeze. Upon arrival, interact with the shrine and engage in conversation with the ghostly figure.

The objective of the quest is to gather 12 Unbroken Bones, which can be obtained by defeating the monsters that spawn within the designated blue area nearby. After collecting the required bones, proceed to the cave indicated by the game, situated to the west of Menestad.

Inside the cave, interact with the shrine and prepare to face multiple waves of enemies. Successfully completing this challenge unlocks the Bone Golem for use. It is worth noting that while the beta version only includes the Bone Golem, additional variants such as Blood and Iron Golems will be available in the full game.

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