The best Minecraft seeds 2023


The best Minecraft seeds cater to a number of requirements, like easy-access strongholds for speedrunning, beautiful landscapes for building, or rare structures for looting. As you can read at the bottom of this guide if you’re new to them, seeds are codes that Minecraft uses to generate worlds for you, so even though new worlds are randomly generated, you can rebuild in the same ones over and over again.

Of course you can leave your world generation completely up to fate, but if you’re unlucky, you could spend hours looking for a Minecraft ancient city, desert temples, your favourite Minecraft biomes, and other desirable features. Over a decade on, Minecraft remains one of the best PC games around, so you don’t want to waste time on a bad seed, you’d much rather spawn straight into a stunning landscape with a Minecraft village to get the best experience possible. So, here are just a few of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds. Keep reading to the bottom if you need some help entering these seeds in-game.

These are the best Minecraft seeds in 1.19, so they all work with the latest version of the game unless the description says otherwise. Make sure your Minecraft launcher is set up for version 1.19 before heading into the game and creating your new world, or you may get different generation results to those we’ve talked about below.

Here’s our pick of the best Minecraft seeds in 2023:

Trails and Tales seed

Cherry Grove and archeology seed: -4701114812458603382

We’re going to keep digging for the very best seed for the Minecraft Trails and Tales 1.20 update, but this is by far the best we’ve seen to date. Not too far from spawn in an easterly direction, you’ll find a large desert biome (x=1400, z=700), which is home to two desert temples for archeology, plus, there’s a desert village nearby for taming your very own camel. That’s not all, as there is a relatively large Cherry Grove biome to the north of the desert, where you can build a pretty Minecraft house, or just gather some Sakura saplings. To make this world work, you must load it in the latest snapshot and turn on experimental features.

Minecraft seeds: A desert temple in the foreground, with a desert village on the horizon.

Desert Temple seed

Double desert temple seed: 6379870233718797262

This seed is the perfect location for a dig site with Minecraft archeology now in the latest snapshots, ahead of the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales release date. There are not one, not two, but three desert temples all fairly close to spawn, with one about a minute’s walk south east from spawn, and another the same distance south west. If you’re worried about spawning in a desert with no wood, there’s an entire jungle of the stuff right behind the eastern temple. Meanwhile, the western temple, as you can see in the image above, has a village behind it, so you’ll be able to tame a camel or two, as well. While the temples will be there without it, make sure you turn on experimental features in the latest snapshot for archeology and camels.

Minecraft seeds: A Minecraft ancient city seed shows two conjoined ancient cities below an exposed minecraft

Ancient city seed

Ancient city seed: -4289043014354930070

If you’re struggling to find a Minecraft Ancient City in survival mode, we’re not surprised – they’re difficult to find. You could use our guide to help you locate one in your adventures, or you could use this seed, found by Redditpeoplebelike and shared on reddit, and head to the coordinates x=2103, z=-5856. It’s a fair hike, but it’s worth it – once you get there, you’ll find not one but two ancient cities smushed together, below an exposed, hanging mineshaft system. That’s a lot of rare loot… provided you can evade the terrifying Minecraft Warden within.

Minecraft seeds: Ancient City near spawn seed - A large ancient city filled with candles and lava.

Ancient city near spawn

Ancient City near spawn seed: -3675652194237789176

If the previous ancient city seed requires a little more walking than you’re willing to do, this one can be found right beneath your feet thanks to redditor u/Few_Trainer_180. Starting from the spawn point, walk a bit further east (x=65, z=70) to find the entrance to an enormous cave system. Descend towards the east, then take the tunnel underneath the lava stream towards the west. There’s an opening in the ground (x=120, y=-25, z=129) through which you can see the Ancient City. While these underground ruins should keep you busy for a while, this Ancient City seed features more than a dozen other Ancient Cities relatively close to the spawn point. For example, the second-easiest one is underneath a cave opening on the snowy mountains in the north (x=90, y=150, z=-280).

Best Minecraft 1.20 seeds: a desert village with camels and badlands on the horizon.

Desert village seed

Desert village and camels seed: 2689156606574652174

As we mentioned above, it’s never too early to start thinking about seeds for the next Minecraft update, and camels are available in 1.20 snapshots right now. Not only does this seed spawn you near a ruined portal and in a gorgeous badlands biome, but you’ll also find a desert village just a short hop from spawn. Make sure you have the experimental features data pack turned on, and this village will be home to some cute Minecraft camels to ride, perfect for travelling across the vast desert and badlands landscape surrounding you.

Minecraft seeds: diamonds seed - a large vein of diamonds surrounded by other ore and deepslate.

Easy Diamonds seed

Diamonds seed: 3057310577815726585

Digging for diamonds can be a frustrating task, but not if you now the exact location of a 21-piece diamond vein, as spotted by redditor u/PurelyPog. Although it’s technically a diamond vein of 18 blocks plus a second one of three blocks, either way you look at it, it’s massive. To find it, start by walking towards the northeast, where you’ll find a Plains village. Stand on block x=90, z=-250, then dig straight down until you enter a cave at y=-24. Watch out for the monsters! Once you get rid of them, dig a bit further down (y=-31) to find the 18-piece diamond vein. The second one is a few blocks lower. As a bonus, you’ll find plenty of other ore types in this cave area.

Best Minecraft seeds: An infinitely long mineshafts sprawls east and west under a lush cave.

Mineshaft seed

Infinite mineshaft seed: 107038380838084

This one is utterly crazy. Create a new world in version 1.19 and head underground at spawn, or z: 0.0 (well, equip yourself with some essential tools and armour first), and you’ll find one long Mineshaft that spawn the world’s entire x-axis. Right near spawn, it even opens up into a lush cave, so you’re path will be lit be glow berries. Think of all those glorious Mineshaft chests you’ll find filled with precious loot… Thanks to u/Cynix747 for sharing this incredible find on reddit. Our only advice: try not to get lost.

Minecraft Christmas seeds - 5488656216511509290: sun rays pour over snow-topped mountains and a frozen lake.

Beautiful Minecraft seed

Beautiful Minecraft snow seed: 5488656216511509290

We might be nearing the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but even if you’re not looking for a Minecraft Christmas guide right now, this winter wonderland seed is still beautiful for any time of year, surrounding you with ice and snow as far as the eye can see. Load into a 1.19 world or newer, head up the mountain right next to you on spawn, and you can either descend into a dripstone cave or build a festive town or icy-cool castle on the gorgeous frozen lake seen above. There are also plenty of rare structures near spawn to help you get essential loot in the early days.

Minecraft seeds: Woodland Mansion seed - a large woodland mansion surrounded by trees.

Woodland Mansion seed

Woodland Mansion seed: 844424960210770

Why search for a Woodland Mansion if you can spawn on top of one? This Minecraft Woodland Mansion seed, found by redditor u/Demonitized_Money, does exactly that. What’s more, the Mansion is situated right in the middle of a river, with a large nearby cave area and easy access to the Ocean. Just be careful when climbing down from the rooftop; the west side of the building offers the safest way to descend.

Best Minecraft seeds: a chicken in a suit standing outside an Illager tower on a beach.

Cool Mangrove swamp seed

Mangrove swamp and outpost seed: 3546842701776989958

Entering this seed into Minecraft 1.19 or later spawns you very close to a pillager outpost in a ruined portal, next to a village and a desert pyramid. There’s also a shipwreck nearby. Crazy, right? Pretty much everything you could need in one place. There’s also a Mangrove swamp to explore, which is ideal if you want to find Minecraft frogs. This world was discovered on Bedrock Edition, so some structures might be slightly different or missing altogether on Java Edition.

Minecraft seeds: Witch hut seed - A witch hut with a large woodland mansion close behind.

Witch Hut Seed

Witch hut seed: -9215772017318341931

This amazing Minecraft witch hut seed from redditor u/Wasthereonce spawns not one, not two, not even three, but four nearby witch huts. As a nice bonus, they surround a massive Woodland Mansion. All four huts are in very close proximity to the Mansion (x=500, z=420), so it’s best to look for this hard-to-miss landmark first, just a one-minute walk south of the original spawn point. Once there, circle the swampland around the giant building to find the witch huts (north, south, and west of the Mansion).

Minecraft Seeds Coastal village: a village near ocean ruins and a ruined portal.

Coastal Minecraft village seed

Coastal village seed: -7783854906403730143

This Minecraft seed spawns you on a rocky plateau close to a large village. Several spectacular mountains are in the distance, and just across the water is another village built into the cliffside – a perfect base for ocean adventuring. Even better, there’s a ruined portal and an accessible ocean ruin nearby, both containing valuable loot. It’s a great Minecraft survival seed for exploring the Caves and Cliffs update.

Minecraft seeds: Ocean Monument seed - An ocean monument seen from an island, with the sun setting over the sea.

Ocean Monument seed

Ocean Monument seed: 2731818306433954778

It’s hard to find an Ocean Monument in the middle of the ocean, fully visible, and super close to an island. If you don’t mind a short boat trip towards the north (x=100, z=-1360), this unique Ocean Monument seed will give you a perfectly situated underwater castle, right next to a large mushroom island. The island even has a cave right next to the Monument, with an underwater tunnel leading towards it. If you don’t feel like draining an entire Ocean Monument for your next Minecraft house, you might want to drain this cave, install a glass wall, and enjoy a spectacular underwater view at the rare ocean structure instead.

Minecraft Seeds: A mooshroom mob on the mushroom fields biome.

Mooshroom biome seed

Mushroom fields seed: 859337968100847433

After spawning on a sandy shore, turn around and venture out to sea to discover a Mooshroom island paradise populated by several adorable Mooshrooms. Watch your step as the rare mushroom fields occasionally open up to huge ravines, but they do make the perfect place to build a stunning ravine base – especially since the Mooshroom environment keeps you safe from hostile mobs.

Minecraft seeds: Island seed - a rare Minecraft island featuring a taiga biome, a village, a beach, and a woodland mansion.

Amazing Island Seed

Best island seed: -3420545464665791887

This Minecraft island seed, an incredible find by redditor u/stofix_, provides one of the most challenging and unique places to start your game. Yup, it’s only a small island… But it houses a pretty large Taiga village and a Woodland Mansion. Thanks to the Taiga and Dark Forest biomes, you won’t suffer from a shortage of trees.

Best Minecraft seeds: a woodland mansion on the banks of a river in Minecraft, opposite a lush cave.

Woodland Mansion and lush cave seed

Woodland mansion and lush cave seed: 2377611421072266823

Instead of heading out to sea when you spawn into this seed, sail along the river toward the coordinates x=487, z=492, and you’ll come across a woodland mansion on the riverbank.

On the opposite bank, there’s a cave nestled in the hill – inside, it opens up into a vast lush cave, with a dripstone cave chamber on the side. There are plenty more lush caves in the vicinity to explore, but they require some digging to find.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft lush cave seed with pools of water and a mineshaft.

Lush Cave seed

Lush cave and mineshaft seed: -1898624505743265221

While this breathtaking cave found by u/SushyDie on Reddit is a fair old trek from the initial spawn location at x=2890, y=47, and z=2200, it’s more than worth the journey – just make sure you’re in version 1.18 or later.

Travelling into the massive cave via the top of a disused mine shaft attached to the roof by chains, the vast expanse of the cave opens up below you and is the perfect location for an underground metropolis. Not to mention all that precious loot you can find in the Mineshafts.

Minecraft seeds: Jungle seed - A large jungle filled with bamboo with a rock face in the background.

Jungle seed

Jungle seed: 5247619261862256596

This Minecraft Jungle seed drops you right in the middle of a lush green bamboo paradise. Besides Bamboo Jungle, you’ll find a large patch of dense Jungle to the north (across the river) and a seemingly endless Sparse Jungle to the east. If you’re looking for a Jungle Temple, you’ll find that a bit further north as well (x=-150, z=-150). The seed’s biggest selling point, however, is its beauty; the forest is spread out over little islands and gorgeous hills, including a particularly epic rock formation just northeast of the spawn point. If this still isn’t enough greenery for you, you might want to cross the Plains and Savannah to the west. Once you’ve crossed the river, you’ll find another huge Jungle biome waiting to be explored (x=-1000, z=0).

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft 1.18 village built into a tall rocky island.

Cool Minecraft village seed

Village monolith seed: -6537256334104833826

You can find this peculiar village to the west of the island where you spawn, at coordinates x=-416, z= 128. These intrepid villagers have made a home all the way around a tall, jagged cliff jutting out of the sea, with harbours on every side, buildings perched on top, and farmland carved into the cliffside. While it looks cool, it’ll take a while to scale this crazy vertical island.

Minecraft seeds: seed with all biomes - plains, savannah, snowy hills, swamp, and more biomes can all be seen from the same place, at spawn.

Seed with all biomes

All biomes seed: 4405134068028

Don’t want to be stuck in the same biome for too long, do we? This legendary Minecraft seed, originally posted by redditor u/Jereaux, contains every biome within 1000 metres of the original spawn point (yes, every single one). Let’s sum up: there are Forests, Beaches, and Plains all around, Oceans to the northeast and west (all temperatures), Snowy Mountains and all types of Taiga to the west, a Mushroom Island and Swamp to the northwest, Savanna, Desert, and Badlands to the north and east, and Jungle and Stony Shore to the southeast.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft seed with four biomes in close proximity.

Multiple biomes seed

Multiple biomes seed: 333148945457819

This multiple biome seed doesn’t give you every biome near spawn, but it offers a great variation of biomes in a relatively small area. As shown on reddit, you’ll find a small patch of Mesa (x=1350, z=1700) to the southeast, surrounded by Plains, Savanna, Forests, Jungle, and Stony Peaks. Even better; this location is surrounded by both Savanna and Plains Villages. It’s a perfect place if you’re looking for a varied landscape.

Minecraft shattered savanna seed: Windswept savanna seed - A savanna biome with a large village in the foreground.

Shattered Savanna seed

Windswept Savannah seed: 6284900741809347198

Looking for ragged peaks with tiny floating islands? This Shattered Savanna seed, also known as Windswept Savanna, provides just that and more, with no less than four nearby Shattered Savanna locations to choose from. Directly after spawning, you’ll see the first one to the south, situated in the water (x=-500, z=210). The second one is to the west (x=-1060, z=-175), right next to two villages. The third one is in the north, next to a Swamp (x=-360, z=-900), and the fourth Shattered Savanna is northeast (x=-500, z=250). The one in the north (with the villages) is arguably the most unique of the four.

Minecraft seeds: Badlands seed - a large mesa biome filled with terracotta blocks and red sand.

Mesa Biome seed

Badlands seed: -2757104535283963016

Looking for a large chunk of Badlands to explore? The Badlands, also known as the Mesa biome, are particularly rare as a spawn location. Luckily, this Mesa Biome seed drops you right at the border of the layered red rocks. Head northwest to find a seemingly endless Mesa biome with canyon-like rock formations, barren plateaus, forest areas, high mountains, large cave systems, tiny islands, and Ancient Cities.

YouTube Thumbnail

Herobrine seed

Herobrine seed: 478868574082066804

Here’s one for the Minecraft folklore experts: the infamous Herobrine seed, a.k.a. the place where Minecraft-ghost Herobrine was supposedly sighted. Discovered by YouTube channel MinecraftAtHome, you can now visit the creepy forest yourself (x=5.16, z=-298.53) as long as you use Minecraft’s Java Alpha 1.0.16_02 version. Of course, the myth of Herobrine is merely a decade-old copypasta, so we shouldn’t expect to find an actual ghost here… Right? Wait… Who’s that over there?

YouTube Thumbnail

OP seed

Overpowered seed: 2059666523504992

Found by YouTube channel moment’s Lab of Minecraft, this overpowered Minecraft seed hands you three nearby villages (and their valuable loot) on a silver platter. Village one is in the east (x=70, z=10), village two is the southwest (x=-140, z=65), and village three is in the northeast (x=140, z=-200). They’re close to trees, cave systems, water, and various other biomes, so you won’t suffer any shortages. Furthermore, there’s a ton of buried treasure on the beach to the north, as well as a Ruined Portal to the southeast (x=150, z=210). The Nether Portal spawns you right inside a Nether Fortress, making it easy to grab even more loot.

Minecraft seeds: Minecraft title screen seed - the same mangrove swamp that appears in the Minecraft loading screen.

Minecraft title screen seed

Title screen seed: -1696067516

Finding title screen panorama seeds has become a new Minecraft tradition. YouTube channel MinecraftAtHome has found the original title screen using seed 2151901553968352745 (coordinates x=61, z=-68, in Minecraft beta 1.7), and they also discovered the current version 1.19 title screen using seed -1696067516. If you try the latter, you’ll find yourself in an all too familiar Swamp biome at coordinates x=3820, z=553.

YouTube Thumbnail

Speedrun seed

Best speedrun seed: 8398967436125155523

While the rest of our Minecraft seeds work in version 1.19, we’ll make an exception for this absolutely overpowered Minecraft 1.16.5 seed (you can activate version 1.16 in the Minecraft launcher’s ‘installations’ folder), which was originally used by Minecraft speedrunner Rayoh. While serious speedrunners might want to study Rayoh’s steps in more detail, in short, this speedrun seed spawns you in a village with two weaponsmiths, very close to a Nether Portal (x=-280, z=260). Not only do the weaponsmiths have furnaces at the ready, but they also have chests with Iron Ore, an Iron Pickaxe, lots of Obsidian, and other valuables. This means you can restore the portal and enter the Nether almost immediately after spawning.

Minecraft seeds: the sun shines over the horizon in a Minecraft seed with a badlands biome, a dead bush sits in the foreground

What is a Minecraft seed?

If you’re new to Minecraft, or just new to specific seeds, you might be wondering what we’re even talking about. As we briefly touched upon in the intro, Minecraft worlds are procedurally generated – each one is completely random across millions of blocks, thousands of diamonds, and hundreds of structures. However, when a new world is generated, it is given its own unique number – a seed. This number can then be entered into the game creation screen to recreate the exact same world generation again and again, so you and your friends alike can play the same world.

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How to load into a specific Minecraft seed

Most of these seeds can be entered into both Java and Bedrock editions, and, thanks to seed parity, will provide almost the same results – as long as you’re playing in at least version 1.18.

How to enter a seed in Minecraft Java Edition:

  • Select Single Player from the main menu
  • Click Create New World
  • Name your world and choose your game mode and difficulty
  • Select More World Options
  • Enter seed
  • Select any other required options like resource packs
  • Click Create New World

How to enter a seed in Bedrock Edition:

  • Click Create New
  • Then select Create New World
  • Head to the Advanced options menu
  • Enter seed
  • Choose any other required options for your world
  • Click Create

Enjoy this selection of the best Minecraft seeds, and get out there for some brand-new Minecraft adventures. With an infinite number of worlds available, we’re sure there are some even more spectacular ones just waiting to be discovered, and we’ll update this list when they are. Meanwhile, there’s plenty to keep you busy exploring, but with something new to find around every corner, equip one of our favourite Minecraft skins, sharpen your pickaxe, and perhaps even load up one of the best Minecraft Shaders to see your new world in a whole new light. Anyway, we’re off, there’s more Minecraft diamonds to mine and this pickaxe won’t swing itself.

Additional contributions by Gina Lees and Marloes Valentina Stella.

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