Best Capsaicin Cookie Toppings Build for Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)


In the Triple Cone Cup update (v4.3) of Cookie Run Kingdom, the Super Epic Capsaicin Cookie was introduced alongside Prune Juice Cookie. Capsaicin Cookie is a Charge-type character with a priority positioning at the front line. If you want to get the most out of this cookie, we’ll tell you what the best toppings you can use to maximize its damage and survivability!

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Capsaicin Cookie Best Toppings

The optimal toppings for the Capsaicin Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom are the 5x Trio Solid Almond Toppings in PVP. As a front-line unit, it’s more advantageous to utilize a tank build, featuring 5x Trio Solid Almond Toppings, to enhance damage resistance and prolong Capsaicin Cookie’s survival. In PVE situations, the 5x Searing Raspberry Toppings build will be your best bet, but ensure your team has strong healers to keep your cookie alive!

  • Best PVE Toppings: Full 5x Searing Raspberry
  • Best PVP Toppings: Full 5x Solid Almond

Capsaicin Magma Skill

Here’s a look at the in-game description of the Magma Skill:

Capsaicin Cookie transform with the surge of magma power. When he has transformed, his regular attacks will cause Lava Eruptions, inflicting Burn and Magma debuffs to enemies. The Magma debuff increases Fire type DMG. While transformed, Capsaicin Cookie will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. After his transformation, Capsaicin Cookie will enter Spice Overlord mode with all the intense magma power and deliver his final strike. If he becomes immobilized during the battle, he will become Immortal, dispelling his debuffs and cannot be immobilized for a certain period. The first cooldown of Capsaicin Cookie’s skill will be shortened, allowing for faster skill use.

Capsaicin Max Stats

  • Single Hit DMG: 61.0% of ATK
  • Lava Eruption DMG: 183.0% of ATK
  • Magma Debuff: Fire DMG +20.0% for 20 sec, stacks up to 3x
  • Burn DMG: 27.3% DMG every 1 sec for 16 sec, stacks up to 3x
  • Spice Overlord DMG: 682.5% of ATK
  • Spice Overlord Burn DMG: 54.6% DMG every 0.8 sec for 16 sec, stacks up to 1x
  • Spice Overlord Lava Eruption DMG: 130.0% of ATK + 20.0% DMG for every stack of Magma Debuff
  • Immortality: Lasts for 6 seconds, activated one time

Capsaicin’s Soulstone

Here’s the official in-game description of the Capsaicin cookie Soulstone:

This stone holds a piece of Capsaicin Cookie’s soul. Just coming close will make you sweat from the heat, but once you actually touch it, you’ll be surprised by the warmth and the passion that resonates throughout.

The Capsaicin Cookie’s Soulstone can be obtained in the Kingdom Arena Medal Shop.

That completes our guide on the best Capsaicin Cookie Toppings to help you get the most out of this playable Cookie! Check out the rest of our Cookie Run Kingdom coverage.

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