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Ravenbound is a fast-paced action game that combines the challenge of a roguelite with an open-world environment inspired by Scandinavian folklore. The player is a Vessel to the Raven, an eternal weapon that must rebuild its power one vessel at a time to free imprisoned gods. The game features permadeath and permanent progression, where the player’s strength is not lost upon death, allowing them to come back stronger each time. If you are looking for a complete list of Traits that can be unlocked and utilized by Vessels in Ravenbound, we have a complete list!

Ravenbound Traits List

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of traits that you can purchase using Legacy so you can decide what traits you want to unlock and use on future runs with your Vessel. In-between your runs, you’ll be able to purchase Traits, which will then be assigned randomly–based on what Traits you have unlocked–to three vessels that you can choose from.

Source: Ravenbound
Trait Cost Benefits/Downsides
Defensive Unlocked by default +15 Armor
Human Unlocked by default +50 Coins when a card is drained
Sword and Shield Specialist Unlocked by default Always draw Sword and Shield Weapon Card from the deck
Twin Axe Specialist Unlocked by default Always draw Twin Axe Weapon Card from the deck
Aggressive Thrillseeker 100 +30% Crit Hit Chance when Frenzied is active
Born of Blood 200 Gray Health doesn’t decline if enemy is bleeding
Commanding Presence 200 Inflict Weakness on nearby combatants while Surge is active
Dodger 300 +50% duration on Perfect Dodge when Frenzied is active
Parrier 300 -50% health, -70% Guard Health but Perfect Guard reduces all Guard damage
Simlar 300 +1 Mana when card is drained
Ulvar 300 +10% Weapon Damage when card is drained
Prey on the Weak 350 +33% Base Damage and Stagger Impact on enemies afflicted by Weakness
Berserker 400 +2% Health per Weapon Damage but cannot gain armor
Greataxe Specialist 400 Always draw Greataxe Weapon Card from the deck
Longsword Specialist 400 Always draw Longsword Weapon Card from the deck
Painbringer 400 +50% Status Effect Potency per active Status Effect on nearby enemies
Twin Sword Specialist 400 Always draw Twin Sword Weapon Card from the deck
Calculating 500 -50% Base Damage whenever Surge is inactive but +300% Weapon Damage when Surge is active
Bloodfueled 550 +0.5% Weapon Damage per missing HP
Death of a Thousand Cuts 600 -30% Base Damage, +30% Multistrike

If there are certain traits you do not think you’d ever want to roll, make sure to keep them locked as then they cannot be selected at random when choosing your next Vessel to take on a run.

How to Unlock Traits in Ravenbound

There are four traits that are unlocked by default, while the remainder you will have to select to unlock by purchasing them using your Legacy. There are three types of traits: Folk (Vessel’s race), Weapon (determines Vessel’s specialty), and Standard (gives different bonuses). When choosing to unlock a trait, you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of any downsides, though many traits only have benefits.

In addition to Traits, as you explore Ávalt, you can discover cards and unlocks that aid in your progression. New cards are unlocked with each lifetime, some by chance and some by player choice, and the rewards increase as you grow stronger. These cards can provide a variety of benefits, including better armor, new playable classes, magical weapons, and relics that enhance your character, each with different synergies to uncover. It’s crucial for a Vessel to find the right combinations of cards, as it can mean the difference between life and death.

We hope this guide to all of the Ravenbound Traits you can unlock in the game has helped you plan ahead! Check out more of our Ravenbound coverage.

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