Celebrate April Fools Day with these 10 ridiculous mods on CurseForge


We all love a gritty game with plenty of realism, and things that do what they’re supposed to, but sometimes you’ve just got to get a little silly. Instead of pranking you this April Fools, we thought we’d treat you to a rundown of the wackiest, most ridiculous mods you can download for your favourite games.

All ten of these mods are available to download and play via the CurseForge app, so you can be sure they’re as safe as they are stupid. Let’s dig in…

The Weirdest Mod for Minecraft

Sure, you can spend your life mining away, cutting down trees and harvesting from the natural resources around you, or you can download The Weirdest Mod for Minecraft. The name isn’t messing about, and there’s plenty to see and do in this bizarre mod.

To list just a few of its features, you’ll be able to enter the Bean Dimension, a realm made entirely of the musical fruit, which can be harvested and, of course, eaten; face off against the almighty Nokia Block that instantly kills you if you get too close, and meet a mob modelled around Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson that is capable of one-shotting you into oblivion.

Not only does this mod add some surreal touches to the world, it also presents some genuinely challenging new enemies. And beans, lots of beans.

Stardew Valley Randomizer

Stardew Valley is a chill game for most of us – a bit of farming after Grandpa (RIP) leaves us the farm, some socialising, eventually getting married and making your way in your local community. Charming, but not very wacky. Fortunately, Stardew Valley Randomizer does exactly what it says on the tin, varying your playthrough in ways you never thought possible.

Although some things might seem reasonable to begin with, like perhaps randomised seed prices, this mod will soon start to make things spiral out of control. Brace yourself for Grandpa’s bed scene mad libs, intense music playing when you’re simply walking around, NPCs appearing all over the place, and the threat of rain that doesn’t look like rain…

Santa Claus is coming to Skyrim

It’s become a bit of a meme in itself that the Skyrim modding community has some pretty out-there ideas, but for this article we’ve picked the one you’d least expect to see in April – The Santa Clause Mod.

Ignore the spelling mistake and kit the last Dragonborn out in the full festive regalia, complete with Santa hat, white beard, and a colourful Christmas outfit. What you do after this point is up to you, but the possibilities are endless. Channel your inner Xmas spirit and be everyone’s pal, or summon your dark side and put some violence in your silent nights.

William Wallace mode

If the Christmas spirit evades you, you could always try being someone less jolly – like this William Wallace save game for example.

Minecraft Head Cannon

No, this mod has nothing to do with fan fiction. Instead, what we have here is a literal head cannon. Strap this handy device to your character and you can fire TNT in whatever direction you’re looking. Just make sure you’ve stocked up plenty of sticks of dynamite before you commence your destructive rampage.

Let your Sims befoul their shower

We’ve all done it once or twice. You’re enjoying a hot, refreshing shower, and suddenly the urge to relieve yourself rears its head. You could hold it until you get out, but that seems counterproductive, so you allow the urine to flow along with the shower water. Now, your Sims can join you in this deeply shameful act thanks to Cureforge user bloodfiremage.

Let your Sims befoul a pizza

Pineapple does not belong on pizza. Allow your Sims to indulge in this heinous crime against Italian cuisine with icemunmun’s Hawaiian Pizza mod for The Sims 4.

Your friendly neighbourhood Barney

Imagine if instead of teaching children to share, Barney the Dinosaur was bitten by a radioactive spider and fought crime on the streets of New York City. With this mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, you don’t have to imagine.


Staying with Spider-Man, this respectful mod from tiffanyedits lets you play as the late father of Marvel Comics Stan Lee. Lee famously had cameos in every Marvel film before his passing, and now, he can finally have the leading role in the greatest Marvel game to date.


Nothing says “April Fools” like a reference to a one-shot gag from The Simpsons Movie. Download this mod and you can swing around New York as a small cartoon pig that only the most hardcore Simp-heads will remember.

There are plenty of wacky and wonderful mods available on CurseForge, and you can try all of them without fear of breaking your computer or downloading anything you didn’t mean to. Plus, the mod manager tools mean that you can easily install and uninstall any of your new toys. Check out CurseForge for free today.

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