How to get Parts (Blue) in Meet Your Maker


In Custodian of the Chimera, players are thrown into a tactical battle for the planet’s most coveted resource: pure Genetic Material. As the Custodian of the Chimera, players are tasked with constructing and fortifying brutal outposts to extract and guard their Genmat, while also infiltrating and outsmarting other players’ outposts to gather more. If you need help knowing how to get Parts (Blue) in Meet Your Maker, we have a guide for you!

How to get Parts (Blue) in Meet Your Maker

To get Parts (Blue), you’ll have to participate in raids, and you will find them as you take part in a raid; they are used to upgrade your equipment as well as to craft new hardware. You can also get Parts when leveling up your Chimera and killing players at their Outposts.

Parts (Blue) are needed in order to access new and upgraded suits, weapons, and hardware along with the ability to activate certain Boosts. If you’re really looking to get Parts, you’ll want to activate the Weapon Advisor’s Boost, which will increase the drop rate for Parts for a finite duration.

Parts (Blue) is one of three types of currencies used in the game that assist the player in adapting, upgrading, and evolving their buildings. There are also Cells and Synthite, which we have guides for!

The deep, ever-expanding toolbox of traps, guards, mods, and augments provides a nearly endless combination of creative and strategic options as players fortify underground or build into the sky. Providing the Chimera and specialized Advisors with Genmat unlocks and upgrades the arsenal of traps, guards, weapons, suits, and more.

We hope this helped you learn how to get Parts (Blue) in Meet Your Maker! Check out more of our Meet Your Maker coverage.

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