Blue Locked League Controls – Try Hard Guides


Embark on the journey through the world of BLUELOCK in Roblox’s Blue Locked League and develop your character to achieve greatness. The power to conquer your surroundings is at your fingertips. Although the game poses a moderate challenge, with consistent practice and our guide to teach you the controls, you’ll find the concepts easy to comprehend and execute exactly what you envision.

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Default Controls

These controls can be changed in the game, so if you don’t like a particular button, customize it how you would like! Credit to the Blue Locked League Discord for the details on these.

  • WASD + Right Mouse Button – Dash/Input Dribble
  • WASD + Q – Flick the Ball
  • E/R – Roll Ball Left / Roll Ball Right
  • X/C – Roll Ball Front / Roll Ball Backward
  • Left Mouse Button – Kick (hold to charge)
  • F – Stop/Control Ball
  • Z – Shot fake (shot power needs to be charged)
  • Left/Right Shift – Sprint
  • Left Ctrl – Toggle Mouse lock
  • ~ – Toggle Defense Mode
  • Left Mouse Button + Defense Mode – Standing Tackle/Slide Tackle (When Sprinting)

Shooting Modes

  • 1 – Standard Shot
  • 2 – Straight Shot
  • 3 – Outside Curve Shot
  • 4 – Inside Curve Shot

Ball Spin Modes

  • B – Backspin
  • N – Topspin
  • M – Knuckle

Advance Strikes

  • Airborne + Shoot – Header
  • Airborne + Shoot + A – Left Tilting Volley
  • Airborne + Shoot + D – Right Tilting Volley
  • Airborne + Shoot + W – Scorpion Kick
  • Airborne + Shoot + S – Bicycle/Scissor Kick

Advance Dribbles

  • Z – Advanced Dribble Mode
  • E (In Advanced Dribble Mode) – Left Air Elastico
  • R (In Advanced Dribble Mode) – Right Air Elastico
  • C (In Advanced Dribble Mode) – Roulette
  • X (In Advanced Dribble Mode) – Scissors


  • 5 – Talent 1
  • 6 – Talent 2

Goalie Controls

When the defense mode is activated and a goalkeeper is in their designated penalty box, the goalkeeper mode comes into effect. Goalkeepers can continue to use their defensive abilities, such as stealing the ball through slide tackles and other techniques. Use the command !Gk in the game to get into goalkeeper mode in the open world.

However, the interaction between the character and the ball may vary based on whether the ball is under control. DEFENSE MODE MUST BE ENABLED for the following actions:

  • Diving (Q) – Dive in a direction determined by your momentum. Your character must be pressing a movement key (AWSD) to execute this action.
  • Punching (E) – Punch the ball in the direction your character is facing. Your character must be on the ground to perform this action.
  • Kicking & Throwing (M1/M2) – Both actions require possession of the ball.
    • Kick (M1) – The power of “clears” is approximately 25% stronger than a standard kick.
    • Throw (M2) – To throw the ball, it must first be grappled.
  • Grab/Release Ball (F) – To grab a ball, press F while controlling the ball or press F at the right moment when blocking a shot. The timing window for this action depends on your character’s goalkeeper stat and some random factors. Jumping is not possible while the ball is grappled.

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