How to get Rare Dwumrohl in My Singing Monsters


My Singing Monsters (MSM) is a musical video game that offers players the chance to breed, collect, and mix various Monsters, each with its own unique sound and look. With hundreds of Monsters to choose from, players can create charming new species by mixing and matching their favorite characters. If you need help on how to get the Rare Dwumrohl in My Singing Monsters, we have a detailed guide of what you need!

How to get Rare Dwumrohl

To get the Rare Dwumrohl in My Singing Monsters, you will need 14 Keys to unlock its evolutionary potential, which will then allow you to evolve it by zapping 30 required eggs into it. Here are the 30 eggs you will need in your inventory:

Egg Islands to Breed on Breeding Time Breeding Instructions
Rare Entbrat Plant 30.5 hours Clamble + Toe Jammer OR Pummel + Mammott OR Potbelly + T-Rox OR Bowgart + Noggin
Rare Deedge Cold, Shugabush 30.5 hours Bowgart + Tweedle OR Congle + Potbelly OR Mammott + Spunge OR Thumpies + Toe Jammer
Rare Riff Air 30.5 hours Congle + Noggin OR PomPom + Toe Jammer OR Scups + Mammott OR Tweedle + T-Rox
Rare Shellbeat Water 30.5 hours Pummel + Tweedle OR Scups + Potbelly OR Spunge + Noggin OR Reedling + Toe Jammer
Rare Quarrister Earth 30.5 hours Clamble + Tweedle OR PomPom + Potbelly OR Mammott + Reedling OR Noggin + Thumpies
2x Rare Bowgart Cold, Plant 15.5 hours Mammott + Oaktopous OR Maw + Potbelly OR Furcorn + Toejammer
2x Rare Congle Air, Cold, Oasis 15.5 hours Mammott + Quibble OR Pango + + Toe Jammer OR Tweedle + Maw
2x Rare PomPom Air, Earth, Shugabush 15.5 hours Mammott + Cybop OR Noggin + Pango OR Tweedle + Drumpler
2x Rare Pummel Plant, Water 15.5 hours Mammott + Quibble OR Pango + Toe Jammer OR Maw + Tweedle
2x Rare Reedling Earth, Haven, Water 15.5 hours Dandidoo + Noggin OR Cybop + Potbelly OR Shrubb + Tweedle
1x Rare Scups Air, Water 15.5 hours Cybop + Toe Jammer OR Noggin + Quibble OR Fwog + Tweedle
1x Rare Thumpies Cold, Earth 15.5 hours Dandidoo + Mammott OR Pango + Potbelly OR Tweedle + Furcorn
3x Rare Noggin Air, Bone, Cold, Oasis, Plant, Psychic, Water 6 hours Breeding any two of the following: Clamble, Scups, Floogull, Cantorell, Bridg-it, Thrumble, Withur, Uuduk, Repatillo, Reedling, PomPom, Pummel, T-Rox, Ziggurab
3x Rare Mammott Air, Cold, Earth, Faerie, Light, Oasis, Plant 6 hours Breeding any two of the following: Banjaw, Bowgart, Congle, Periscorp, Pummel, Rootitoot, Scups, Spunge, T-Rox, Tapricorn, Thrumble, Whaddle, Withur, Wynq
2x Rare Potbelly Cold, Earth, Haven, Light, Plant, Psychic, Water 6 hours Breeding any two of the following: Barrb, Bowgart, Clamble, Pummel, Reedling, Repatillo, Rooba, Rootitoot, Sooza, Spunge, Spytrap, Tapricorn, Thumpies, TooToo
2x Rare Tweedle Air, Cold, Earth, Haven, Oasis, Water 6 hours Breeding any two of the following: Barrb, Congle, Floogull, PomPom, Reedling, Scups, Spunge, Thumpies, Whaddle, Woolabee

The in-game bio for the Rare Dwumrohl reads, “Expanding their tastes beyond music, Rare Dwumrohls are avid practitioners of the visual arts as well. With so many digits at their disposal, it’s unsurprising to learn that their favorite medium is finger-painting! Adorning their drum sets with luminescent paint, they’ve even swapped out drumsticks for special tensible paintbrushes!”

Once you have all of the required eggs in your inventory, you can zap them into a Wublin statue (you cannot get them back, so be sure!). This will then “wake up” your Wublin statue on Wublin Island. This is one of five Rare Wublins that was added to My Singing Monsters as of Version 3.9.0 in April 2023. The Rare Dwumrohl is Supernatural, available at Level 13, and will yield coins, diamonds, food, and shards.

Note, keys are an in-game currency that can be obtained as a bonus item from Monsters capable of yielding bonus items, as a Daily Login Bonus, and as gifts from friends (you can gift one key every seven days). They also be purchased for real-life money.

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