How to Get the Blue Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Disney Dreamlight Valley is am adventure game that lets you explore a magical world filled with Disney and Pixar characters. You’ll discover a world where beloved Disney and Pixar characters once lived in harmony until the Forgetting occurred. But now, as the player, you hold the key to restoring the magic of Dreamlight Valley and freeing the Dream Castle from the grip of the insidious Forgetting. If you need help on how to get the Blue Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have a guide for you!

How to Get the Blue Gem

To get the Blue Gem, you will need to have obtained the Blue Potato and have it in your backpack, you’ll head to the mines located in Sunlit Plateau. You’ll head through the mines until you see that the tracks split in two directions, and you’ll want to turn slightly right where you can see a large node glowing.

Source: Tinkerlily on YouTube

Once you get to the end, there will be a large, glowing gem-shaped object that you can interact with. You will want to pick up the Blue Gem and put it in your inventory.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Potion 7 Image
Source: Tinkerlily on YouTube

The Blue Gem is described as, “This gem glows when it’s close to the other blue items… It’s almost like they belong somewhere together.” It is one of five items needed to create the Brilliant Blue Potion. The other items include: 1x Blue Potato, 1x Blue Shell, 1x Blue Starfish, and 1x Blue Book.

Potions are just one type of item that can be crafted in the game. Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about crafting, refining, and building things, whether that’s to progress in the game, meet quest objectives, or simply to give you the ability to express yourself with various customization abilities.

We hope this helped you figure out how to get the Blue Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Check out more of our Disney Dreamlight Valley coverage.

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