How to make the Cozy Companion Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley


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Disney Dreamlight Valley is am adventure game that lets you explore a magical world filled with Disney and Pixar characters. You’ll discover a world where beloved Disney and Pixar characters once lived in harmony until the Forgetting occurred. But now, as the player, you hold the key to restoring the magic of Dreamlight Valley and freeing the Dream Castle from the grip of the insidious Forgetting. If you need help on how to make a Cozy Companion Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have you covered!

How to make the Cozy Companion Home

To make the Cozy Companion Home, you’ll need to gather 15x Softwood, 5x Sunflower, 5x White and Red Hydrangea, and 1x Topaz. Combine these to create an interactive home for up to four of your favorite companions! You’ll need to place the home where you would like, then interact with it and select which four companions you’d like to live in the home.

Cozy Companion Home Recipe

This craftable item requires four ingredients to make! Here is the recipe:

Ingredient Location
15x Softwood Plaza, Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Peaceful Meadow
5x Sunflower Dazzle Beach
5x White and Red Hydrangea Dazzle Beach
1x Topaz Plaza

In Disney Dreamlight, companions are small pets that can follow you around and are cosmetic items as they are just fun to enjoy but have no functional benefit. To collect a companion (any small animal found in the Valley), you’ll have to feed the critter its favorite food at least twice, though it’s often more than two times. There are Premium Shop Companions, Event Companions, and Quest Reward Companions in addition to Critter Companions.

We hope this helped you figure out how to make a Cozy Companion Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Check out more of our Disney Dreamlight Valley coverage.

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