The best Destiny 2 King’s Fall weapons


Looking for the best Destiny 2 King’s Fall weapons to complete the raid? Just as Savathûn warned us, the Oryx and his band of comrades have returned to the world of Destiny 2. If you and your fireteam are ready to take on King’s Fall raid to face The Taken King, you will want to bring some weapons that genuinely pack a punch.

While you may already have your favourite Destiny 2 exotics, suffice it to say that not all of your go-to weapons in the FPS game will be perfect for taking on the onslaught of enemies you’ll face in the King’s Fall raid. However, we’ve developed the ideal weapons to take on any encounter in the free PC games revamp of this classic Destiny raid.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall raid loadout overview: Meta weapons

When preparing your loadout for a raid, you’ll want to keep two main things in mind: ad-clearing weapons and high-DPS weapons that you’ll need to take down bosses. When it comes to serious boss damage, the game’s linear fusion rifles are meta, so you’ll likely want to ensure you have at least one of them on hand. You’ll also want to ensure you have weapons that can take on numerous high-powered Champions and ads. Machine guns are viable options.

Here are some solid options that will be viable in most raid encounters.

Arbalest – Exotic linear fusion rifle

The Arbalest (random Exotic weapon drop) is an all-around solid weapon for PvE, allowing players to do a significant amount of mid-range boss damage with minimal hits. It’s also perfect for triggering Golgoroth’s Gaze in a single shot.

Taipan-4FR – Legendary linear fusion rifle

Although there’s debate about whether Taipan-4FR (Foundry Shaping quest reward) is superior to Reed’s Regret or Cataclysmic, which can trigger Font of Might elemental wells more quickly than Taipan, Taipan is still the preferred weapon because it’s easier for players to get hold of.

The best Destiny 2 King's Fall weapons: An image of the Taipan-4FR, a linear fusion rifle.

Thunderlord – Exotic machine gun

Though some Destiny 2 players remain sceptical of the Thunderlord’s (Lost Cryptarch quest reward) viability, it’s a potent machine gun that can do significant damage against challenging enemies while also allowing the player to spam kill ads.

Divinity – Exotic trace rifle

If possible, one person on your team should carry Divinity (Garden of Salvation raid reward) throughout every encounter. This is because Divinity increases the power of teammates’ weapons, increasing the team’s total output.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall raid weapon loadouts by encounter

Because each encounter has different objectives, players will want to switch up their loadouts to ensure they are effective in each encounter. Weapon loadouts will also change based on a player’s role on the raid team. Here are some recommended weapons for each enemy encounter within the raid.

The best Destiny 2 King's Fall weapons: An image of Insiduous, a Legendary pulse rifle.

The Totems

  • A legendary pulse rifle such as Insidious (Vow of the Disciple reward) or Horror’s Least (Nightfall reward on rotation) ensures a steady stream of kills. Be sure to affix an Unstoppable mod the whichever weapon you choose to help you defeat the encounter’s powerful enemies.
  • A powerful legendary shotgun for close-range encounters. We recommend Heritage (Deep Stone Crypt reward) or Found Verdict (Vault of Glass raid reward).
  • Thunderlord to kill enemies as quickly as possible and earn stacks of Deathsinger’s Power.
  • If you choose not to carry Thunderlord, you can instead equip Xenophage (Emergence quest line reward), which is also an exotic machine gun.


  • Staccato-46 (world drop) is a strong option for a legendary pulse rifle.
  • Arbalest due to its ability to generate high damage in a single shot.
  • Taipan-4FR, for similar reasons as Arbalest.
  • Alternatively, some players may prefer sniper rifles over linear fusion rifles. If that’s your preference, use Whisper of the Worm (obtainable from Monument to Lost Lights) if you have an exotic slot, as it is among the highest damage-dealing sniper rifles in the game. Izanagi’s Burden (obtainable from Monument to Lost Lights) is also a solid sniper option.


  • Generally, the weapons that worked well in the Warpriest encounter will also work well against Gorgoroth.
  • If you are one of the players assigned to attract Golgoroth’s Gaze, use Arbalest, which will draw it in a single shot.

The best Destiny 2 King's Fall weapons: An image of Gjallarhorn, an Exotic rocket launcher.


  • In addition to the favoured pulse rifle and shotgun you chose to use in earlier raid encounters, powerful rocket launchers work well in this encounter. There are numerous options for top-tier rocket launchers, but Gjallarhorn (And Out Fly The Wolves quest reward) and Hothead (Nightfall reward on rotation) are the best options here.


  • Arbalest, Taipan-4FR, and your preferred pulse rifle are solid options against the King’s Fall final raid boss.

Bonus: Rat King – Exotic sidearm

On its own, The Rat King (obtainable from Monument to To Lost Lights) is relatively weak. Out of the gate, it doesn’t feel like a particularly strong gun. For it to be effective, other members of your fireteam have to have it equipped. The weapon increases in damage power when used alongside other Rat Kings, and it stacks up to six times. Therefore, for a memorable King’s Fall experience, you can use the Rat King alongside your squadmates to do massive damage to the bosses.

Additionally, reloading after a kill grants invisibility, making it an attractive prospect for a Hunter going for an invincible invisibility build just like one we discussed in our guide to the best Destiny 2 Hunter builds for PvE and PvP.

These are the best weapons to help you clear King’s Fall. If you have your loadout ready but need some ideas as to masterful builds to help guide your run, you’ll want to read our guides for the best Destiny 2 Warlock builds and the best Destiny 2 Titan builds so you’re fully prepared.

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