The best games like Wordle 2023


Want more games like Wordle? With its release and subsequent explosion in popularity during late 2021 and beyond, Wordle has continued to keep players occupied with its daily word puzzles. Wordle’s simple concept — guess a five-letter word within six tries using the limited hints given — makes for the perfect daily brain teaser.

Even with the internet’s tendency to move onto the next viral sensation, it’s no surprise that one of the best browser games in recent years is still going strong today. If you’re still playing the OG, our sister site Pocket Tactics has the Wordle answer every day. But what if you want to move on and try something a little different? Well, there’s definitely no shortage of free PC games that have taken inspiration from the word guessing game. Some focus on specific topics, while others tweak the simple five-letter format in interesting ways. With this in mind, here are the best games like Wordle.

The best games like Wordle are:


If you want to test out your encyclopaedic knowledge of movie actors, then Actorle is the game for you. You’ll get eight chances to guess which actor has appeared in a list of movies. However, the names of these movies are hidden, with only their release year, genres, and IMDb rating showing. You are at least given a few more hints on incorrect guesses, as this will narrow down the right actor’s age (and movies if they’ve both appeared on film together).


Foodle, as the name suggests, is a Wordle-style game focused entirely on food. Unlike some other entries on the list that like to make things a bit more complicated, there are no new gimmicks to contend with. Of course, you’ll still have to deal with words that are food-related (like a spoon), though the theme narrows things down for a more relaxed experience.


Reckon you know your music? Well, Heardle will put this to the test. Instead of guessing words, you must instead figure out music based on their intros. Starting with only a single second, incorrect guesses (or skipping) will slowly give you more of the intro to work with. Even if you’re unsuccessful, all daily songs are available to listen to afterwards via Spotify. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favourite song through Heardle.


Nerdle moves things away from words, instead making use of maths calculations. Each guess must be eight numbers and symbols long, with an equals sign somewhere — of course, the actual equation also has to be correct.

As with Wordle, you’ll be told if something is in the correct spot, or whether it’s part of the solution at all. However, this is still one of the trickier games like Wordle due to the amount of potential guesses even with hints. Certainly one to play if you’re after more of a challenge.

Games like Wordle: Gamedle


If you’re anything like us, then you probably have an appreciation for games. Thankfully, there’s a perfect Wordle-style game all about videogames in the form of Gamedle. Each day, box art for a new game will be shown. The majority of the image will be pixelated, with more being revealed after incorrect guesses. Some hints will be given if your guesses are the right genre or platform, and most box art will include the name of the game if you’re really stuck.


For Pokémon fans who have memorised all 900+ of the collectable monsters, Squirdle will be right up your alley. Hints are given in a number of ways, from highlighting the right generation of Pokémon the solution is from, to their types and height. And, if you’re after some first generation nostalgia, it’s possible to limit which generations of Pokémon will show up for each challenge.

Games like Wordle: Crosswordle


Moving back to something closer to the original Wordle, Crosswordle takes the concept and mashes it together with crosswords (well, sort of). Rather than a single word, you now have to guess two separate words that intersect. Thankfully the general rules are still the same, where hints are given based on the previous letters you use. Crosswordle is worth checking out if you don’t want to stray too far from Wordle’s core gameplay, but still play something fresh.


Flagle is another self explanatory Wordle-like, having you guess flags from around the world. Each daily flag is split into six parts, with unsuccessful guesses revealing a new section. With hundreds of potential flags to choose from each day, Flagle has the potential to be extremely challenging (especially if one of the less unique flags is the solution). If you trust your geography knowledge, there are at least a few hints given based on the distance each guess is away from the correct answer.


Moving from flags to more general geographical knowledge, Worldle gives players the task of figuring out the correct country or territory based on its shape. Unlike Flagle (or most Wordle-style games), you’ll be given a silhouette of the required country right from the start. This can make things a little simpler, which is why the developer also included a number of settings to up the challenge. It’s possible to have the silhouette be rotated, or even removed entirely for maximum difficulty.

Hello Wordl

Bringing things full circle, Hello Wordl is simply regular Wordle but with more options to choose from. While you can play an identical game with the same settings, the fun of Hello Wordl comes from changing the length of the words you need to guess. Instead of five letters, you can go all the way up to eleven.

If the prospect of solving increasingly lengthy word puzzles isn’t enticing, try out the random game option instead. While Hello Wordl does still include a daily mode, it’s also possible to keep playing through an unlimited number of puzzles.

And that’s ten of the best games like Wordle. There’s more than enough here to keep you busy for a few minutes every day. Perhaps one day we’ll see some of these in Minecraft builds, just like the original Wordle. Alternatively, if you’re tired of words and want a bit of action, our list of the best PC games in 2023 should steer you right.

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