Crab Champions Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons in the Game!


Crab Champions released a patch with bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Crab Champions is a fast-paced shooter game with roguelike elements where players can travel across exotic islands, defeat hordes of enemies, and collect loot to become as powerful as possible. The game features over 10 different weapons, so naturally, you might be looking for a Crab Champions Weapon Tier List to figure out the best weapons in the game.

Crab Champions Weapon Tier List

There are currently 11 different weapons available in the game, ranging from dual pistols to a mini gun to various launchers. Keep in mind that there are a ton of perks (rare, epic, legendary, and greed tiers) and weapon mods (rare, epic, and legendary tiers) that go into a build, so sometimes the ultimate ranking of a weapon can depend on what you’ve paired with it, but the better weapons in the game tend to play well with just about any and all perks and mods you throw at them.

S-Tier Weapons

  • Mini Gun: It is the fastest gun in the game and has the biggest magazine; scales beautifully with just about every mod and perk
  • Sniper: Incredible damage output, pairs well with a lot of builds and perks for speedy runs
  • Blade Launcher: It is excellent for taking out hordes of enemies as it hits multiple enemies and has pierce

A-Tier Weapons

  • Auto Shotgun: Well-rounded weapon that works with a lot of builds and handles tons of enemies
  • Burst Pistol: Well-rounded weapon with massive damage bursts and accuracy
  • Dual Shotguns: You have to manage the damage you take as you have to maintain a closer firing range, but the damage output can be huge.

B-Tier Weapons

  • Crossbow: It has a seven-projectile spread that fires like an arc shot and does a serious amount of damage.
  • Dual Pistols: Solid weapon but doesn’t scale as well as other weapons like Dual Shotguns or Burst Pistol
  • Auto Rifle: Another solid weapon but just doesn’t have the power of either the Auto Shotgun or Dual Shotguns or Sniper
  • Cluster Launcher: Has high splash damage but not stellar against bosses

C-Tier Weapons

  • Rocket Launcher: Grenades still outperform and can be scaled up faster, so rockets feel slower and less damage inducing compared to other weapons

F-Tier Weapons

  • Orb Launcher: It’s slow and doesn’t do a lot of damage, so there’s little reason to choose this weapon in game

As you play the game and complete runs, you will obtain Keys, which you’ll use to unlock weapons using the Key Totem (blue totem on Hub Island). You will need to do several runs to unlock all the weapons currently available in the game, but hopefully, luck will be in your favor and you’ll get one a better ranked weapon early on!

Weapon Descriptions

Weapon Description
Cluster Launcher Short range launcher that fires clusters of delayed explosion projectiles
Blade Launcher Fires sharp piercing blades
Mini Gun High fire rate but low damage minigun
Rocket Launcher Devastating damage but slow firing rocket launcher
Orb Launcher Fires orbs at longer range
Crossbow A crossbow that fires in a wide arc
Sniper High damage but slow firing sniper
Burst Pistol An inaccurate but powerful burst pistol
Auto Shotgun Fast firing shotgun for maximum chaos
Dual Pistols Well rounded dual pistols
Dual Shotguns Powerful short range shotguns
Auto Rifle Balanced full auto rifle

Everything scales exponentially in the game, both your DPS but also enemy health, so as you get deeper into a run, you can get out-scaled by your enemies and not be able to defeat the final boss. Because there are so many weapon mods and perks that you can acquire as you get your build going, a B-Tier weapon can easily get to an A-Tier weapon with the right mods.

We hope this Crab Champions Weapon Tier List helped you keep an eye on what weapons to explore first! Check out more of our Crab Champions’ coverage.

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