How to Unlock Weapons in Crab Champions


Crab Champions released a patch with bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Crab Champions is a fast-paced shooter game with roguelike elements where players can travel across exotic islands, defeat hordes of enemies, and collect loot to become as powerful as possible. If you need help figuring out how to unlock weapons in Crab Champions, our guide will walk you through the process!

How to Unlock Weapons

To unlock Weapons in Crab Champions, you will need to have four keys that you can use to unlock a random weapon by interacting with the Key Totem, which is a blue totem that you’ll find on Hub Island (starting island where you can change difficulties, see what weapons you’ve unlocked, and so on).

How to Get More Keys

You will get Keys by defeating Champions, which are bosses that you’ll encounter at levels 10, 20, and 30 (final boss) and if you elect to loop after defeating the boss at level 30, you’ll get more keys at levels 40, 50, and 60. You obtain multiple keys when defeating Level 30 and 60 bosses.

Note, if you have more than four keys, you will need to start a run and then return to the lobby and then go back to the Key Totem to unlock the next weapon or deliberately die so you can just go ahead and spend your Keys.

Here is a list of possible weapons you can unlock each time:

Weapon Description
Cluster Launcher Short range launcher that fires clusters of delayed explosion projectiles
Blade Launcher Fires sharp piercing blades
Mini Gun High fire rate but low damage minigun
Rocket Launcher Devastating damage but slow firing rocket launcher
Orb Launcher A crossbow that fires i a wide arc
Crossbow A crossbow that fires in a wide arc
Sniper High damage but slow firing sniper
Burst Pistol An inaccurate but powerful burst pistol
Auto Shotgun Fast firing shotgun for maximum chaos
Dual Pistols Well rounded dual pistols
Dual Shotguns Powerful short range shotguns
Auto Rifle Balanced full auto rifle

We hope this guide helped you figure out how to unlock weapons in Crab Champions so you can try out more weapons in your runs! Check out more of our Crab Champions’ coverage.

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