Dreamlight Valley survey asks which characters you want to see next


The next Dreamlight Valley update might still be a little way off following the release of the Lion King update, but developer Gameloft wants to know who and what you want to see come to the laid-back life game in future patches. Included in the Disney Dreamlight Valley player feedback survey are some big-name Disney and Pixar movies, along with a few curveballs out of left field that have us excited for the future.

The full survey includes a few questions about yourself, but then mostly focuses on two main things – which Disney Dreamlight Valley characters players most want to see arrive in the valley, and what items and unlocks they most enjoy getting from the Star Paths and premium item shop.

Most of the suggested properties are ones you’d expect – almost all the classic Disney and Pixar names are on the list, including the likes of Mulan, Hercules, Aladdin, Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, 101 Dalmatians, Tangled, Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Incredibles, Monster’s Inc, Atlantis, Up, Finding Nemo, and even more.

Interestingly, Pirates of the Caribbean is there, which isn’t too surprising as the live-action series also made its way into Kingdom Hearts with a cartoon adaptation. Beauty and the Beast is also listed as “additional characters” alongside Toy Story and Mickey Mouse, which means we’re already expecting some characters to make it over soon. Belle has long been featured in promotional footage – alongside the likes of Sully from Toy Story – so that’s not too surprising, but it suggests we may see her soon.

The survey also asks which types of Star Path rewards and premium shop items players are most excited about, with options to suggest potential new content. Among these are new skins for objects such as the Well and Goofy’s stall, skins for Disney character houses such as Remy’s Restaurant and Scrooge’s shop, new animal companions and skins for the existing roster of critters, and emotes for your character.

One of the most curious entries for possible Star Path themes is “Disney channel originals,” which suggests a potential for a season pass “related to TV shows such as Kim Possible or Lizzie McGuire.” That’s probably the official suggestion that’s been the most dramatically removed from ‘core’ Disney so far, and the potential for the game to stretch out into the wider ‘Disneyverse’ of its collected properties is a prospect that will likely be exciting to some and horrifying to others.

Disney Dreamlight Valley survey -

There’s no mention of the likes of Marvel or Star Wars on here, yet, but if players show enough interest then perhaps it’s only a matter of time. For now, if you want to answer all the questions and let Gameloft know your personal thoughts on what you’d like to see next, you can take the Dreamlight Valley player survey for yourself.

Until then, be sure you’ve cooked all the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and collected every rare critter by finding the favourite foods of all Disney Dreamlight Valley animals. We’ve also picked out more of the best farming games on PC, if the digital crop harvesting lifestyle suits you.

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