Destiny 2 fashion Commendations are coming soon, so dress to impress


Destiny 2 fashion Commendations to honour the Guardians with the best style are coming to the game sooner than expected, as Bungie announced players will see these Destiny 2 Commendations as an option in next week’s midseason Destiny 2 patch. According to an unnamed representative from the Player Identity Team in the FPS game, the feature was initially scheduled to launch with Destiny 2 season 21 but has been moved up to the Destiny 2 season 20 midseason patch next week due to high demand from Guardians.

“Back when we were first developing Commendations, we had a sneaky suspicion that a fashion-focused Commendation would be highly desired. As we continued into long-form playtesting, the need became even more obvious—but by then we were past the point of adding anything new to Season 20 and could only tweak and tune what we already had,” the blog post section, shared as part of the development studio’s This Week at Bungie blog post, says. The rep then adds that it was one of the first things they worked on for season 21.

“But once Lightfall launched, we saw the feedback over and over again, ‘I just want a Best Dressed Commendation.’ Or, ‘I’m just giving the Commendations to the teammates with the best outfits.’ And on and on! So, because we love our fashion community so much, we dug in and moved it up to the Season 20 Midseason Patch!” the post continues.

The section also adds that fashion Commendations won’t have a high Commendation score and will be tied to “low-trust” activities, which specifically limits them to “matchmade activities that don’t rely on significant communication or teamplay.” And, considering those tend to be the most popular activities among most players, the feature will surely be a hit.

Destiny 2’s Commendations system launched with the game’s recent Lightfall DLC to lukewarm reception. Players typically didn’t have much to say about their teammates in common activities and therefore granted Commendations to the Guardians with the freshest looks. It appears the choice to launch the feature early is warranted, as it will also present new opportunities for positive interactions between Guardians. Players can customise their look with unique armour sets, shaders, and other items that impact their characters’ appearance, such as weapon ornaments. This allows for style variety in the game, some of which involve Bright Dust or Silver cosmetic purchases, but many Guardians can get free by grinding game content. Such a breadth of options has led some players to nickname the game “Dresstiny.”

The TWAB also notes Bungie intends to take action on players who use assistive devices to gain advantages over other players, addressing a recent suggestion that the company was looking into addressing third-party tools such as XIM and Cronus in the multiplayer game. It also shares updates regarding Trials Labs, in which the team conducts experiments regarding the Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris PvP activity.

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This midseason update will take place on Tuesday before the game’s next weekly reset, and players can expect an hour and 15 minutes of downtime before the patch. This update will mark the halfway point of the season, and with many of the DLC’s launch kinks worked out and Destiny 2 Lightfall on sale on Steam, it’s a great time for New Lights and returning players to jump into the game to nab some of the Destiny 2 Lightfall exotics found in the newest expansion.



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