How to unlock Ophion in Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari


Vampire Survivors is a shoot ’em up video game developed by Luca Galante. It features minimalistic gameplay and rogue-lite elements where you move thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn. If you need to know how to unlock Ophion in Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari, we have you covered!

How to unlock Ophion

To unlock Ophion in Vampire Survivors, Tides of the Foscari, you need to have the weapon Shadow Servant along with Skull O’Maniac. You will need to reach the maximum level for Shadow Servant (Level 8) along with maximum level for Skull O’Maniac (Level 5). This will give you the evolved weapon the Ophion, which has a chance to instantly kill enemies.

You will need to unlock Genevieve Gruyere, if you have not already. After this, if you would like the Shadow Servant and its evolved weapon to be available to all of the other characters, you will need to survive 15 minutes with Genevieve in any stage.

Evolved and united weapons typically have most of the base weapon’s stats, but they tend to have extra affects, a bonus, or some additional benefit that makes it worth evolving the base weapon. To evolve any weapon, it requires a base weapon and then a passive item that is used as a catalyst for the volution.

“Tides of the Foscari” is the latest DLC expansion for the game Vampire Survivors. It introduces a new stage, characters, monsters, and weapons, along with potential secrets hidden in the forest. The expansion takes place in Foscari Academy, a school where the children of the elite are trained to become powerful wizards, generals, and spies. The Academy is divided into three houses, and three students from each house embark on an adventure in the forest, encountering mythological creatures along the way.

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Hope that helped you learn how to unlock Ophion in the new Tides of the Foscari DLC for Vampire Survivors. Check out all of our Vampire Survivors coverage!

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