Genshin Impact Ayaka and Shenhe sales inch Nahida out of top three


The Genshin Impact Ayaka and Shenhe banners from version 3.5 have taken Nahida and Yoimiya‘s spot when looking at estimates for total sales. It had been quite some time since the two Cryo characters were available in the anime game, so players evidently pulled as much as possible to avoid missing out this time. It also helps that the weapon banners offered solid options alongside the character banners.

This was Ayaka’s second rerun, and even though she had an extended run in version 2.7, plenty of players may have missed out on the opportunity. She’s still a high-ranking character on most Genshin Impact tier lists, and one of the best Cryo main DPS options for freeze teams.

Shenhe is far more niche since she’s used strictly as a Cryo support, but this was the perfect time to pull for her – especially if you already had Ayaka and/or Ganyu and needed a notable damage boost.

In terms of weapons, the Mistsplitter Reforged sword and the Calamity Queller polearm are both great options for a number of characters other than the two featured on the main banners.

With all that was offered, it should come as no surprise that Nahida and Yoimiya were inched out of their top three spot.

The numbers above come from GenshinLab – a website that compiles data from the Chinese App Store to get a sales estimate from the spending habits of this huge portion of the Genshin community.

Ayaka and Shenhe managed to make about USD $34,477,590 (£27,674,471) during their run to bump Nahida and Yoimiya to fourth place.

Genshin Impact version 3.6 has just gone live, so if you missed out on Nahida’s launch banner, you now have a chance to get her alongside Nilou during their first reruns in the first half of this update.

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