This Destiny 2 Vexcalibur display piece is a must-have for collectors


A Destiny 2 Vexcalibur Exotic glaive display piece is on sale in the Bungie Store, available only to players who have completed a secret Destiny 2 quest called The Variable to earn the weapon in the popular FPS game. The glaive is the first in Bungie’s Armory Series of limited-run collector’s memorabilia, in which Bungie will develop custom crafted pieces for some of the game’s most popular items made exclusively for the most dedicated of Guardians.


Players who have completed The Variable quest, which includes the Avalon mission that was recently scaled down in difficulty when playing on Legendary mode, can purchase the collector’s piece for $60 as part of the Bungie Rewards program. Bungie Rewards offers Guardians who have completed specific in-game activities the opportunity to buy items unavailable to other players.

“This unique collector’s display piece features a moulded relief of the Vexcalibur Exotic glaive in Destiny 2 with a clear acrylic layer painted to celebrate its vibrant colours,” the item’s description says.

The Destiny 2 Vexcalbur Exotic glaive is an in-game reward for completing the season’s secret mission, which players can trigger by performing a series of actions in the EDZ’s Gulch area. Players can also earn catalysts for the weapon by beating the mission on Legendary difficulty.

However, Guardians interested in the weapon should act fast, as fewer than 500 are still available out of a limited run of 3000. Players have only until May 23 to complete the quest and claim the associated Triumph or obtain the glaive in-game, allowing them to purchase the display piece upon connecting their Bungie account to the Bungie Store. They then have only until June 30 to buy it, provided there are any remaining. Guardians also should expect to wait six to eight months before receiving their orders, and there’s a limit of only one per player.

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Vexcalibur is only one of many new Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics in the multiplayer game. As Lightfall reaches its midway point, check out our Destiny 2 season 21 guide to see what’s coming next in Bungie’s space-themed looter shooter.

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