Dead Space Marker Fragment locations – how to get the secret ending


After all of the Dead Space Marker Fragment locations? One of the best additions to the Dead Space Remake is the new game plus mode, which allows you to take on the army of Necromorphs once more with all of your gear intact. Playing through the story again also gives you a chance to unlock the secret ending to Dead Space, but you’ll need to collect a few things first.

When you begin a new game plus playthrough of Dead Space Remake, there are 12 new collectibles added to the Ishimura for you to hunt down. These are Dead Space Marker Fragments – something that didn’t exist in the original game, nor in a regular playthrough of the remake. They’re in place during a new game plus run to expand on the lore, and enable you to unlock the secret ending, should you manage to find them all. If our Dead Space Remake review is anything to go by, this should be one of the best PC games this year, fully warranting multiple playthroughs to get that secret ending.

All Dead Space Marker Fragment locations

There are 12 Marker Fragments located throughout the USG Ishimura. Some of these hidden collectibles require abilities such as kinesis, as they’re often in hard to reach spots.

Here are all the Dead Space Mark Fragment locations:

  • Market Fragment 1: Hanger-Cargo-Tram Control, on a shelf inside the maintenance bay office.
  • Marker Fragment 2: Medical, Floor 1, Dr. T. Kyne’s office, in a hidden room behind a bookshelf.
  • Marker Fragment 3: Engineering, Floor 3, Engine Room, hidden in the dark corner of the room.
  • Marker Fragment 4: Bridge, Floor 1, Break Room, in plain view on the floor.
  • Marker Fragment 5: Medical, Floor 4, Cryogenics, use Kinesis to pull the fragment which is sat on top of the cryo chamber.
  • Marker Fragment 6: Medical, Floor 4, Dr. C. Mercer, inside the doctor’s office.
  • Marker Fragment 7: Hydroponics, Floor 4, East Grow Chamber, use kinesis to pull the fragment out of the corruption inside the chamber.
  • Marker Fragment 8: Mining, Floor 5, on a shelf in the Mineral Samples room.
  • Market Fragment 9: Communications Hub, Floor 2, floating in a hole covered by corruption.
  • Marker Fragment 10: Crew Quarters, Floor 3, Deluxe Quarter bunk room, sitting on a desk.
  • Marker Fragment 11: Crew Quarters, Floor 3, Inquiry Desks, hidden behind items on a desk.
  • Marker Fragment 12: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control, Floor 1, Cargo Bay, hidden on a tool shelf in the SE corner of the area.

Now that you know every Dead Space Marker Fragment location, it’s time to blast through those final Necromorphs and treat yourself to the secret ending, as a nice change of pace from the regular Dead Space ending. While you’re working through new game plus, you might as well check out the Peng treasure location, and every Dead Space suit upgrade so you can be as OP as possible when you take on the hive mind.

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