The new Valorant skin bundle is a $125 love letter to the ’90s


Elderflame and Singularity have topped the Valorant skin charts since their release, but a new bundle is set to shake up the cosmetic tier list. Riot’s new Radiant Entertainment System is the FPS game‘s most expensive bundle yet, and the skins are perfect for Valorant fans that love all-things retro.

As someone who wasn’t bowled over by Valorant‘s RGX 11z Pro skins (controversial, I know), I was a little concerned that the Radiant Entertainment System skins would fall flat for me. Oh boy, was I wrong.

A love letter to the arcade games of the ’90s, this collection is a blend of classic neon colours and vibrant visual effectsYou can deck out your Bulldog, Ghost, Operator, Phantom, and melee in all things pixel bit, and they look amazing

First up is the melee, because trust me when I say that’s what everyone will be talking about. Referred to as ‘Power Fist,’ it transforms your knife into a glowing gauntlet that wraps around your fingers. It can either be an orange fist, glowing blue claw, or a controller depending on which variant you choose. Most importantly, though, you get to punch people. Yes, seriously.

Each weapon can be upgraded with three unique styles: Bazooka Badger, Disco Fever, and K.nock Out! The variants have their own unique finishers and colour schemes, as well as a different ‘game’ on their cosmetic screens. Each ‘game’ is ‘playable’ by inspecting your weapon – neat, right?

  • Bazooka Badger – Blue – Claw melee, unique kill banner, finisher, screen effects (pixel badger with its back to the player), visual effects, and music.
  • Disco Fever – Purple – Controller melee, unique kill banner, finisher, screen effects (Dance Dance Revolution-style floor prompts), visual effects, and music.
  • K.nock Out! – Orange – Fist melee, unique kill banner, finisher, screen effects (Street Fighter-style character punches for each shot), visual effects, and music.
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Radiant Entertainment System Valorant skin bundle cost

The Radiant Entertainment System skins are Valorant’s most expensive yet, coming in at 11,900VP (~$125 / £112.5) for the bundle. The bundle includes all of the weapon skins, as well as cards, sprays, and gun buddies themed around each of the three variants.

Sure, the bundle is expensive, but lead cosmetics producer Preeti Khanolkar writes, “we’ve always wanted to make amazing skins that no one ever expected to see in a tac shooter. Each kill and final-kill should feel super unique, like a completely different retro game.”

A side look at a purple gun with blue inlays and Dance Dance Revolution-style arrows scrolling down it

Radiant Entertainment System Valorant skins release date

The Valorant Radiant Entertainment System skins release alongside Episode 6 Act 3 on April 25. There’s no new agent or map this time around, but I think these make up for that.

I am a sucker for flashy skins – I just don’t check how much I’ve spent on Valorant – so these may just be an instant cop. Cool skins are only one part of the puzzle, though, so make sure you check out our Valorant tier list before jumping into game.

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