Honkai: Star Rail Login Error 1001_2 – How to Fix


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With the official launch of HoYo Labs’ Honkai: Star Rail, you may be facing first-day errors. You aren’t alone, and there will be plenty of time to play the game going forward, but if you need help on how to fix Honkai: Star Rail Login Error 1001_2, we have solutions for you!

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Honkai Star Rail Error 1001 2 Image
Image via Honkai: Star Rail / HoYo Lab

How to Fix Honkai: Star Rail Login Error 1001_2

There are many users that are facing an issue with logging into Honkai: Star Rail and receiving the message Login Error 1001_2. Most of the fixes that have resolved the error for players involve disabling any plugins or apps that you have installed on your device that use custom DNS settings, such as AdGuard, VPN, and other ad blockers.

Disable Adguard Image
AdGuard appears to interfere with logging in for some users

Given that these types of apps are not an issue with Genshin Impact, another popular HoYo title, we expect that a fix will be implemented to ensure you can use your adblockers in the future, but for now, if you want to play on the release day, you’ll need to try this fix!

We hope this helped fix Honkai: Star Rail Login Error 1001_2 and allowed you to start playing. Be sure to head to the Honkai: Star Rail Codes page to get freebies in the game!

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