How to Get Relics in Honkai: Star Rail


Embark on an interstellar odyssey with Honkai Star Rail, a groundbreaking RPG that will take you on an awe-inspiring journey through the cosmos! Discover an extraordinary array of worlds and civilizations, each offering a unique glimpse into the vast expanse of the galaxy. Relics are items that can be equipped to characters to provide passive bonuses, which makes them worth seeking out. If you need help on how to get relics in Honkai: Star Rail, we have a guide for you!

How to Get Relics in Honkai: Star Rail

To get Relics in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll need to need to get to Trailblazer Level 15, along with making your way through about half of the main storyline on Jarilo-VI. Then, you’ll likely obtain most of your Relics through the Caverns of Corrosion, but it is possible to also get them as rewards for completing quests, from Bountiful Chests, or from World Shops as well.

Relics serve as equippable items that give your character a passive bonus, which can be increased by the relic itself along with how many you have equipped. Relics can be improved by enhancing them using Lost Crystals, Lost Gold Fragments, and Lost Lightdusts or by using lower-tier relics in the process. You may also find some Relics in chests, as rewards from missions, and from shops in the worlds.

Cavern Relics can be farmed in the Caverns of Corrosion (located on Jarilo-VI), and these are relics that you can equip for these slots: Head, Body, Hands, and Feet. 5-Star Relics are only available after you have reached Level 3 of the Cavern of Corrosion, though Level 4 ensures that you’ll only find 4-Star and 5-Star Relics and Level 5 ensures 5-Star Cavern Relics.

Planar Ornaments have a maximum of a 2-piece set bonus and are found in the Simulated Universe; these are used in the Planar Sphere and Link Rope slots. You can find Planar Ornaments in the Herta Space Station in Herta’s Office. You will need to reach World 3 in the Simulated Universe challenges in order to unlock access to these. To get a Planar Ornament, you’ll need to use 1 Immersifier or 40 Trailblaze Power after defeating an Elite Enemy.

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Honkai Star Rail is a new RPG experience that promises to immerse players in a rich, multi-faceted universe. As you journey through the cosmos aboard the Astral Express, you’ll uncover the secrets of the galaxy, explore fantastical worlds, and forge your own path through a narrative that is shaped by your choices.

We hope our guide helped you on where to find the Passerby of Wandering Cloud Relic in Honkai: Star Rail with ease! Check out more of our Honkai: Star Rail coverage. Be sure to head to the Honkai: Star Rail Codes page to get freebies in the game.

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