How to get Quake Glove in Slap Battles – Blasting Off Again Badge!


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In Slap Battles, a Roblox game, players engage in chaotic slap fights using different gloves that possess unique abilities, including passive and activated effects. If you’re struggling to acquire the Quake Glove and Blasting Off Again Badge, this is the right place to seek assistance!

How to get the Quake Glove

To get the Quake Glove in Slap Battles, you will need to have another player equip the Woah Glove and then another player equip the Home Run Glove. You will then need to equip the Berserk Glove and head into a Normal Arena. Charge your Berserk Glove up to the max. The Home Run Glove user then needs to charge up their bat. Once you are both charged up, have the Woah Glove user activate their ability, and have them ragdoll you towards the Home Run User to have them hit you with the bat. If you did this all correctly, you will earn the Blasting Off Again Badge!

That can be a bit confusing, so here’s the steps broken out a bit simpler:

  • One player equips the Woah Glove
  • One player equips the Home Run Glove
  • You equip the Berserk Glove
  • All three players go into a Normal Arena
  • You charge up the Berserk Glove to the max
  • Home Run Glove user charges up their bat
  • Woah Glove user uses its ability to knock you towards the player with the Home Run Glove
  • Home Run Glove user hits you with the bat knocking you into the sky
  • Berserk Glove user will then receive the badge and glove!

The Quake Glove’s ability will smash down on the ground and bury nearby players. If you charge it longer, the smash will cause a greater area of effect and hit players in a larger range.

You can check out the Quake Glove in action in the following video.

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We hope this guide helped you on how to get the Quake Glove and Blasting Off Again Badge in the game. For more great content, head over ot the Slap Battles section of our website.

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