How to get the Pinata Egg in Pet Simulator X


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Roblox Pet Simulator X is one of the biggest games on the platform, so when they release a new update people are clamoring to try out the new content! With new additions to the game, comes many questions on how things work. If you want to know how to get the Pinata Egg in the game, we’ll tell you how to do it in this guide.

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Where to find the Pinata Egg

To get a Pinata Egg in Pet Simulator X, you need to break open Pinatas that have been scattered in every area of the game and you will at random receive a Pinata Egg. This will automatically hatch, and give you one of the pets that can be hatched from it.

If you don’t see these breakables, it means that players are smashing them before you can get access to one. You just need to go to an area, break everything around you and one will eventually spawn. Keep breaking these pinatas to gets more eggs!

Psx Pinata Breakable Image
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The Pinata Egg contains the Sombrero Cat, Sombrero Chihuahua, Piñata Cat, and Piñata Dog.

That’s all you need to know about getting a Pinata Egg in the game! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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