How to get Building Materials in Mr. Mine


Mr. Mine is an addictive idle mining incremental game where players delve deeper into the underground to gather resources, sell them, or use them for various upgrades. Building Materials are a vital resource in the game that you will need to farm to upgrade some important structures and features. We’ll tell you how to get them in this guide.

What are Building Materials and Their Uses

Building Materials (BM) in Mr. Mine are essential items used to upgrade various structures and features. You can find them in chests, excavations, and caves. They are primarily used in the Craft Center’s Structures tab to upgrade:

  • Trading Post, Metal Detector, Manager, Chest Collector, and Chest Compressor
  • Oil Rig, Gem Forge
  • Moon Trading Post
  • Buff Lab and Reactor
  • Max drone Fuel, Fuel Regen

Sources of Building Materials


Building Materials can be collected from both regular and gold chests:

  • Regular chests: 8% chance to obtain 1 Building Material
  • Gold chests:
    • 3% chance to obtain 20 Building Materials
    • 2.5% chance to obtain 50 Building Materials


Scientists provide another source of Building Materials, offering 10 BM below 600km and 2 BM afterwards.


Caves are the main source of Building Materials, providing up to 10x BM per treasure and multiple BM treasure spots in each cave. Caves are considered the best way to collect Building Materials.

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Exploring Caves for Building Materials

Caves are clickable features that spawn randomly throughout the world after reaching 45km. Each cave contains rewards that drones can collect and bring back, provided they have enough fuel and health to overcome obstacles. Caves have an associated timer, and if it runs out, the cave will collapse. This real-time minigame is unaffected by timelapses, and multiple caves can be active simultaneously without interference.

The cave building at 45km allows players to:

  • Upgrade drones
  • Collect obtained treasures
  • Access each cave, either by direct popup (Shift+Click) or via its mineshaft (Click)

Caves offer various rewards, including scientists, buffs, money, building materials, timelapses, mineral piles, and both gold and basic chests.

By following this guide and exploring the various sources of Building Materials in Mr. Mine, players can effectively upgrade their structures and unlock new features, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

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