Jedi Survivor beats Fallen Order Steam record, despite PC issues


Star Wars Jedi Survivor is seeing one of the best Star Wars game Steam launches in recent memory, despite the plethora of PC problems holding back the initial release. Cal’s newest adventure has beaten out its predecessor Fallen Order, but has still fallen behind a somewhat surprising contender in the form of Lego tie-in game The Skywalker Saga. I’d wager that most of these Star Wars Jedi Survivor Steam sales are for Turgle though, because he’s worth it.

PCGamesN’s own Star Wars Jedi Survivor review posits that the sequel is definitely bigger, and most of the time this means better, and this increased scale appears to also apply to Survivor’s launch on Steam.

Since its release, Survivor has hit a concurrent player peak of 67,855 on Steam, beating out the previous Respawn adventure Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, which rests at a peak of 46,550. With a post-launch buzz, word of mouth, and Respawn’s quality track record (Titanfall 2 anyone?) it’s no surprise that the action-adventure game sequel has had a stronger launch on Steam. It’s also so much bigger than Fallen Order, so our Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough hub can help you get to grips with the new sense of scale.

That said, Survivor isn’t the biggest Steam launch for a Star Wars game, as the sci-fi powerhouse’s decades-long team-up with Lego still sits at the very top. That’s right, Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga still has the biggest launch in the franchise after releasing last year, with a Steam concurrent peak of 82,517. Even with all the new Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters, looks like nothing can beat nostalgia.

Despite this success on Valve’s storefront, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Steam reviews haven’t been kind to the release. Glitches, colossal fps drops, and a slew of performance issues plague Cal’s newest game, and while Respawn says it’ll fix the issues, we don’t know when Survivor will be in a fully fixed state.

There have been a lot of Star Wars games with big launches over the years, but Survivor’s stats don’t lie – despite problems, it’s up there with the most popular.

If you’re playing Survivor and want some help, we’ve got a breakdown of all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis cosmetics and where to find them, alongside all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor force essence locations too.

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