Best Redfall weapons and guns


Looking for the best Redfall weapons and guns? Arkane’s vampire FPS boasts a broad arsenal, but since the game is a looter shooter, there’s an element of luck to the drops you’ll come by as you level up and progress.

Despite that, some Redfall weapons are clearly better than others, and there are some rare drops you should keep an eye out for, as they can really boost your effectiveness. This guide is going to break down which Redfall weapons are the best for different combat situations, and we’ll also share a few of the best Redfall guns to fill you in on the vampire game‘s arsenal.

Best Redfall weapons

The best Redfall weapons and guns are:

  • Clacker
  • A Grave Mistake
  • Lockjaw
  • Sawfish

When it comes to general use, Redfall’s regular guns are the best for most combat encounters. Pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles are what you’ll use against human enemies and, a lot of the time, you’ll also use them on vampires. Beyond our verdict on its weapons, you can check out our Redfall review for a rundown of the game as a whole, our guide to the best Redfall character to pick, and our list of all the Redfall fast travel locations.

Best Redfall pistol

In the early game, you’ll likely be using pistols a lot. There isn’t a huge amount of variation between these, so you’d be wise to seek out the one that does the most damage. In this regard, there is one pistol that stands above all the others: the gold tier weapon known as the Clacker.

Using this gun is almost night and day with the others, as it has a fire rate of ten and a magazine size of 20. It’s effectively a submachine gun in all but name. Gold-tier weapons can drop even early on, so if you’re able to grab one of these, you’ll find it useful for quite some time, even if you’re a few levels above. That said, you’ll probably be better served using an assault rifle in place of the handgun when you start finding more Redfall weapons.

Redfall weapons: a first-person view of character wielding an organic, fleshy assault rifle with a scope.

Best Redfall assault rifle

Assault rifles come in two broad varieties: fully automatics and semis. Fully automatics allow you to hold left click down to riddle your enemies with bullets, while semis either fire one round at a time or several in a rapid burst. You’ll need to take damage and rate of fire into account when choosing which rifle to use. I personally prefer single shots to spraying, but the latter will also provide a serious amount of damage. The most interesting assault rifle is, again, a gold-tier weapon. It’s called A Grave Mistake and is deadly on top of being quite hideous. One of its handier attributes is that it can return some health to you when you stake an enemy.

Redfall weapons: a first-person view of a character wielding a glowing blue shotgun while opening fire on enemies.

Best Redfall shotgun

Shotguns in Redfall are a fantastic way to deal with pretty much anything. Like in many modern FPS games, however, they’re useless at range. If you’re using a shotgun, you need to unload it from up close so that all the pellets hit and do maximum damage. There are various types of shotguns in the game, but they either hold multiple shells or just two, and one of the best among them is the Lockjaw. The semi-auto variety are great at quickly taking out normal vampires. Much like the gold-tier assault rifles, gold-tier shotguns get a perk that refills some health each time you stake a vampire.

Redfall weapons: a first-person view of a character firing a stake launcher at a distant enemy.

Best Redfall sniper rifle

There’s less variance to the sniper rifles, with the main difference being how many rounds they hold. Obviously, they’re mostly good for sniping enemies, but since the AI is rather poor, you won’t often need to do this. Vampires are a different story, but you’ll still be much better off sniping foes with the Sawfish stake launcher. What it lacks in range it more than makes up for with sheer damage potential. The stake launcher is the absolute best for dealing with vampires at medium range, and while they’re slow to reload, nothing else packs quite as big a punch.

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Are UV guns good?

You can use Redfall’s UV light guns to petrify vampires, but they’re generally more useful for weaker vamps. You can try them on more powerful vampires, but they tend to take so long to petrify them that you’re typically better off using a shotgun or stake launcher to damage them while they get close. It’s a neat weapon, but it’s never particularly useful. The one use case might be in co-op when multiple players are using them on a single target simultaneously.

Are flare guns good?

Finally, there’s the flare gun. These come in single and double-barreled varieties, but their damage output was never high enough to justify using them over the stake launcher. They’re kind of slow, and much like the stake launcher, it’s easy to miss your target altogether.

Those are all the gun and weapon varieties in Redfall. They’re definitely not all equal, but certain ones, such as the UV light gun, will be much more useful in co-op if multiple players use them simultaneously. All told, however, the pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns have so much utility that you can use them whenever you like in the FPS game and still blast your way to victory.

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