Destiny 2 Guardian Games players want Titans to win in honor of Zavala


Destiny 2 Guardian Games players want Titans to win to honour Commander Zavala, whose voice actor, Lance Reddick, passed away suddenly just a few months ago. Zavala, a Titan who is a prominent leader of the Vanguard, is a central character in Bungie’s FPS game. Reddick’s passing took a toll on the community as players worldwide mourned his death; he was not only a leading voice but also an avid Destiny 2 player himself, and Guardian Games players are seeking to honour his memory by playing as the in-game class Zavala represented.

The ongoing Guardian Games event puts characters of different classes up against one another to compete to see who can earn the most medallions, earning one group the right to be called the champion. The winning character class will earn special rewards, as well as clout amongst the Destiny 2 community.

While little is at stake, it’s an opportunity for players to grind for rewards on their preferred character classes and potentially claim glory amongst peers. Since the launch of Guardian Games, popular content creators including Jake ‘GernaderJake’ Straus, Khris ‘Knitehawk’ Boyle, and Detrick ‘Uhmaayyze’ Houchens have expressed their support for Titans winning the activity in honour of Reddick’s character, even in cases where those players don’t usually main Titan characters.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games players want Titans to win in honor of Zavala: Knitehawk explains why he is running Titan during Guardian Games.

Some players have pointed out that Reddick himself was a Warlock main, perhaps skewing the numbers of people who believe they are playing to honour Reddick’s legacy. Regardless, what’s clear is that Reddick was a beloved member of the Destiny 2 community and people will continue to honour him in whatever ways make sense to them. And that’s quite a way to honour someone’s legacy, indeed.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games players want Titans to win in honor of Zavala: Players explain why they want Titans to win Guardian Games.

While we may be secretly rooting for Titans throughout the Guardian Games, may the best team win the glory and the right to be crowned the winner in this exciting annual event.

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