Hogwarts Legacy composer teases new Metal Gear Solid theme


Metal Gear Solid Remake seems somehow so close – like it makes so much sense – but also like it might never happen. With Konami working on Silent Hill 2, and the supposed comeback of Splinter Cell, I think we’re allowed to dream about a Metal Gear Solid revival. And then there are moments like this, as Hogwarts Legacy composer J. Scott Rakozy, who created the soundtrack for the Harry Potter sandbox game, shares a brief clip featuring a new arrangement of the iconic MGS theme. What could it mean?

Rakozy, who has also worked on Netflix series and Assassin’s Creed short films, shares a snippet of a new version of the original Metal Gear Solid theme. To begin with, it sounds similar to the orchestral, Harry Gregson-Williams version from MGS 2, but just before it’s about to kick off in full, Rakozy’s arrangement takes a slightly sinister-sounding turn.

It feels like it would fit over a scene of Snake infiltrating and investigating Shadow Moses, or maybe an opening montage of the original guards getting jumped by FOXHOUND. Rakozy shares the clip with the caption “if you know, you know.” You can check it out here:

Now, the Metal Gear Solid fan in me wants to say this is a subtle sign of an impending MGS remake. The coming Silent Hill 2 suggests that Konami understands the potential value in reviving its classics, and with Splinter Cell also getting the reboot treatment, alongside games like RE4 Remake and 2023’s Dead Space performing well, it seems easy to argue that a Metal Gear Solid revival is due.

There are, however, a couple of bothersome flies (if you know, you know) in that speculative soup. It wasn’t so long ago that Donna Burke, who sang the James Bond-inflected theme for MGS 3, was caught recording a new version of the iconic ‘Snake Eater,’ leading to suggestions of a possible Metal Gear Solid 3 remake. That proved to be false – and proved false in such a way that it could explain Rakozy’s video.

See, Burke was in fact working on an upcoming collaborative album of the best videogame music and themes. Another composer working on that album, Mason Liebermann, confirmed that they and Burke were not working on an “MGS project whatsoever,” but instead “a special album for videogame music lovers.”

So, maybe Rakozy is contributing, too. But then again, maybe not. PCGamesN has contacted Rakozy for comment and will update this story with any further information.

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