Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles guide


Are you looking for all of the Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles quest treasure locations? The Adventurous Moles are a group of wild children found in Boulder Town led by Hook and Julian, the latter of which tasks you with a side quest to find treasure locations.

The quest itself is one of Hook’s companion quests; if you want to get her for your Honkai Star Rail team comp, be sure to check out how she fits in our Honkai Star Rail tier list. To unlock the quest itself, you need to reach Trailblazer Level 24 and have completed Hook’s Treasure and defeated Cocolia in Honkai Star Rail. Speak to Julian in Boulder Town, who can be located by Natasha’s Clinic, to kickstart the Adventurous Moles adventure mission; you need to give him Hook’s treasure to do this.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles treasure locations

This mission involves collecting missing pages from a special edition book called the Adventurous Moles. Though you’re given hints and clues from Julian, the locations themselves are tricky to find, so here’s where to locate all four pages.

Great Mine treasure location

Head to the Overlook fast travel location in the Great Mine, go up the ramp and collect a note from the top of the barrel. Go through the door and get the miner’s lamp, attach it to the railing and collect the items from the chest.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles Blackwater Pass treasure location map

Backwater Pass treasure location

Fast travel to the Transport hub and head east then south and pick up The Unexpected Parchment note from a nearby bench. Go to the outdoor café opposite the bench and take the upturned seat off the table and place it on the ground to reveal the next chest.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles Silvermane Guard treasure location map

Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone treasure location

Head to the Frontline fast travel location and pick up the note on the wall to the right called Treasure Hunt on the Battlefield. Go to the gun rack on the right and take a gun and put it on gun rack, there’s another gun rack to the left and one more in the front. Once all guns are returned to the racks, a chest reveals itself.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles Rivet Town treasure location map

Rivet Town treasure location

Travel to the Abandoned Market fast travel in Rivet Town and pick up the note on the barrels ahead. Head to boxes on the left and take the box from the top and place it in the middle shelf of boxes on the right.

That’s how to complete the Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles quest, be sure to check back in with Julian between collecting pages. For more on the new anime game, here’s what to expect from the next Honkai Star Rail banner and all the latest Honkai Star Rail codes for free credits and more.

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