The five best pieces of Star Wars UGC for May 4th


Whether you’re an original trilogy die-hard or an expanded universe fan, Star Wars has captured our collective imaginations for a long, long time. Point to any random person on the street, and they’ll probably have an opinion on the films, new shows, and even comic book series. The point is, we all love a bit of Star Wars, and there’s no better day to celebrate than May 4th – Star Wars Day.

To celebrate, and because we’re just too good to you, we’ve compiled a list of the best pieces of Star Wars UGC for Minecraft 
available through CurseForge, so you can bring your favourite game to a galaxy far, far away. Sure, you can play officially licensed Star Wars games, but we’re going one step further. From weapon mods to complete overhauls, we’ve got the stuff to put the light in your saber. 

Minecraft is a great game for beginner and veteran modders alike, with the sheer scope of things that can be changed in-game, so read on for the best Star Wars Minecraft mods on the CurseForge mod platform.

Star Wars: Clone Wars mod

This Star Wars Clone Wars mod by Rupyber Studios is a perfect demonstration of the game’s ability to transform into something completely new, turning the entirety of your Minecraft world into a self-contained Clone Wars game. Build a portal and jump through to Geonosis, a desert world from the Clone Wars series, and embark on an epic galactic adventure. 

Equip jetpacks and Empire uniform skins, shoot with blasters (yes, they make the noise), and take on familiar enemies and droids from the Clone Wars. Fight your way across deserts and through control buildings, as you take down the separatist forces for good. This mod has endless options for sandbox play, or for following the storyline of the TV series. 

Starkiller’s Star Wars Legend mod

If you’re wanting to add a lightsaber to the mix, try this Star Wars Legend modIt’s got everything you could possibly want as far as Star Wars weaponry goes. Pick your colour of Kyber crystal and build a fully functional lightsaber, capable of setting enemies on fire and dealing massive damage. You’ll also have access to those beloved blasters, shooting from high range and allowing you to take out huge waves of enemies with ease.

The mod also includes three new biomes from the epic franchise in the form of Mustafar, Hoth, and Tatooine. Lastly, and potentially the crowning glory, you’ll be able to take flight in X-wings, Tie Fighters, and even the Millenium Falcon. Keep an eye out for your favourite characters, they just might make an appearance. 

Mine Wars Texture Pack mod

Perhaps you’ve already built your perfect planet and just want some adornments to make things look just right. In such a case, the Mine Wars Texture Pack is the mod you’re looking for. It won’t mess with gameplay or hem you into a specific plot, but it’ll allow you to run wild with more Star Wars textures than you can imagine. 

This 16×16 pack brings back several Minecraft texture packs that were discontinued in recent years, making this the ultimate resource for Star Wars fans, featuring lightsabers, blasters, and skins, and is still being developed to provide everything you need to reenact your favourite scenes.

FZTroopers’ Star Wars UGC

This mod is for those who enjoy combat above all else, adding a bunch of familiar Star Wars weapons and armour, as well as unique opportunities for battle. Kit yourself out with various armour choices from the movies, and equip yourself with a lightsaber or blaster, depending on your preference, then prepare to do battle with some of the Star Wars franchises greatest villains. 

Using this mod, you can face off against Star Wars themed mobs, or take down major bosses in the form of Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Darth Vader, and The Emperor… May the Force be with you – you’ll need it!

Star Wars: The Block Wars

Finally, we have this incredible and wide-reaching mod, The Block Wars, which introduces everything you could ask for in one neat package. If you’re looking for clone and droid enemies to face, powerful bosses from the films, biomes that perfectly encapsulate the feel of the Star Wars galaxy, and a wide range of Minecraft skins and weapons, look no further. 

This mod also includes spaceships and vehicles, as well as the ability to craft your own from your surroundings. Gather resources and build the most powerful clone army by yourself, or take it into multiplayer to really battle it out in style. 

However you choose to celebrate Star Wars Day, make sure to check out the wide range of mods on the CurseForge platform for more than just Minecraft. New mods are uploaded all the time, for all your favourite games including The Sims 4, Kerbal Space Program, and World of Warcraft.

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