Hogwarts Legacy Transmog system explained


With the Hogwarts Legacy transmog system, you can always turn up to class looking like the best-dressed person at school. Fortunately, that awful-looking beret you found in the Forbidden Forest with incredible stats doesn’t have to go to waste. Any piece of gear you find can be altered to take on the appearance of another item.

The RPG game features a range of clothing to make your avatar stand out from the rest of the Hogwarts Legacy characters. Any piece of clothing you find in Hogwarts Legacy will appear as a transmog option. This means you don’t need to hold onto your favourite clothes just because they look good. As long as the item has appeared in your inventory, you automatically unlock the ability to transmog into that piece of clothing.

How to transmog in Hogwarts Legacy

Open up the Gear tab in the menus and hover over your equipped items. You should see the stats of each piece of gear you have along with a button prompt (F on keyboard and mouse, X on Xbox controllers, Square on PlayStation pads) to change its appearance.

When you select the change appearance option, two sections should appear: Collections and Other. Accessing this menu early on in the game may not yield any results, unless you purchased the deluxe edition which includes a set of Dark Arts clothes. The exclusive Dark Arts set doesn’t have any gear attached to it, so you have to use the transmog system to wear it.

Collections can include special pieces of gear you receive for completing specific missions, like the outfit you unlock for becoming the Crossed Wands champion. There are also gear appearance rewards for completing a batch of quests, but you need to redeem those in the Hogwarts Legacy challenges section in the menus.

The ‘Other’ option features every piece of equipment you’ve ever had in your inventory. Remember, you don’t need to hold on to your old gear to transmog its appearance, so feel free to sell any gear you aren’t using.

That’s all you need to use the Hogwarts Legacy transmog system. If you’re looking to give your physical features a makeover, our guide on how to change appearance in Hogwarts Legacy should be your next stop. Now that you’re looking your best, it’s time to collect all of the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian keys on offer. We also have guides on how to collect the flying pages soaring inside the castle, and how to solve the tricky door number puzzles dotted around Hogwarts. If you’re looking for something entirely different, our best PC games list features only the greatest titles gaming has to offer.

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