How to skip Hogwarts Legacy cutscenes and dialogue


Want to know how to skip Hogwarts Legacy cutscenes and dialogue? One of our biggest pet peeves in games is when characters take too long to speak. If you play with subtitles on, chances are you can read faster than any NPC can talk. Fortunately, you don’t have to waste any time if you want to speed through the story.

It’s important to note that there are certain cutscenes that are pre-rendered, meaning you won’t be able to skip through any of the dialogue. Instead, you may receive the option to skip entire cutscenes. If you’re looking to save some time, don’t forget to check out our Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flames locations to instantly fast travel to specific locations. There isn’t a way to replay cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy, so think carefully about what you’re willing to skip through.

Skip cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy

To skip cutscenes and dialogue in Hogwarts Legacy, all you need to do is press Y or Triangle on your controller or press right-click on your mouse while someone is speaking. Keep an eye out on the bottom right corner of the screen, if you can skip a cutscene you should see a prompt appear. Be careful when speed-reading through dialogue as it’s easy to skip through short sentences.

We highly recommend skipping through cutscenes involving casual wizard duels and Summoner’s Court matches. The students say the same thing after you beat them, so you don’t need to hear for the tenth time about how they’ll beat you next time. Considering how long the Hogwarts Legacy main story is, you’re going to save yourself hours if you speed-read through all the dialogue in the RPG game.

That should help you save some time now that you know how to skip Hogwarts Legacy cutscenes and dialogue. Make sure you check out our Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages guide to earn some easy experience. If you’re trying to improve your combat skills, we have a Hogwarts Legacy spells guide that breaks down the magic you can use in fights. Finally, give our best PC games list a read if you want to discover incredible games by the world’s best developers.

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