How to get a Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake


Need to know how to get a Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake? The crying plant is just as you would expect if you’re familiar with the lore of the wizarding world – or the real plant’s muggle world properties. An iconic plant baby with an ear-splitting shriek, the Mandrake is needed to complete assignments set by Herbology Professor Garlick, but can also be used in combative defence. But how do you get one, or where do you find a Mandrake?

Much the same as other plants and fruits in Hogwarts Legacy, the Mandrake can be grown in the Room of Requirement, so you can always have one ready when you need them. Unlike other natural resources, though, the Mandrake isn’t used in Hogwarts Legacy potions – that would be cruel – and can be equipped to your potion wheel itself and taken into battle, where its mind-blowing scream can be used to disarm opponents in the action-adventure game. If that’s a weapon you’d like in your magical arsenal, here’s how to get your own Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake.

Where to find a Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake

You can purchase a Mandrake, or Mandrake seeds, from Beatrice Green at Hogwarts Legacy Dogweed and Deathcap, located to the North of Hogsmeade. A Mandrake is one of the more expensive plants in Hogwarts Legacy and can be purchased for 500 galleons, while its seeds will set you back 800 each. However, it’s worth it given the tactical use of the crying plant, and growing the seeds in a small pot in the Room of Requirement will yield a renewable source of Mandrakes.

While we’re talking about plant pots in the Room of Requirement, if you are hoping to grow Hogwarts Legacy fluxweed or Venomous Tentacula, make sure you buy recipes of Hogwarts Legacy large pots as you need them to grow more powerful consumable items or potions.

How to use a Mandrake

A Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake will also come in handy when trying to learn Wingardium Leviosa from Professor Garlick, as getting one to her is part of the quest to unlock to famous spell. You can also use it in combat yourself though. While we know Mandrakes have the ability to potentially kill those who hear its cry, the plant isn’t fatal in Hogwarts Legacy. Instead, equip yourself with one as you head off into any dangerous situation, and pulling it out on an unsuspecting enemy will stun them, giving you an opening to attack.

You will earn your Hogwarts Legacy spells in the RPG game by completing professors’ assignments. While you’re completing these Hogwarts Legacy challenges, you might also need to find the Magic Neep location and other useful places on the vast Hogwarts Legacy map. Thankfully, the large number of Floo Flame locations are there to help you and get you across the magical world with ease. If you want to try something else, our list of best PC games has some excellent options.

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