How to upgrade gear in Hogwarts Legacy


Curious about how to upgrade gear in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, then you’re probably feeling the pinch when it comes to your offensive and defensive capabilities. As you continue to explore, you’ll need to stand your ground against a variety of enemies, and you can only do that with a good suite of stats and traits to draw upon.

The effectiveness of your most powerful Hogwarts Legacy spells can be bolstered simply by knowing how to upgrade gear in Hogwarts Legacy. Even if you reach the max level cap and select the best Hogwarts Legacy talents in the open-world game, you’ll still probably find you’re having trouble. So, to avoid a swift end at the teeth and claws of Hogwarts Legacy beasts, here’s how to upgrade gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to upgrade gear and add traits

You can upgrade gear in Hogwarts Legacy via the Enchanted Loom, which you conjure inside the Room of Requirement. You’ll be required to conjure one during the story as part of a quest called ‘The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom’, so don’t worry if you haven’t unlocked it yet – you’ll get there eventually via the main story. You’ll need eight Moonstone to conjure it, so be on the lookout for crystalline nodes in outdoor areas if you’re a bit short on resources.

To conjure an Enchanted Loom:

  • In the Room of Requirement, open your conjuration menu.
  • Select Utility.
  • Choose your enchanted loom from the list.
  • Place the enchanted loom in the room.

Once you’re happy with the customisation and placement of your Enchanted Loom, interact with it to access the upgrade menu. Gear in Hogwarts Legacy comes with one primary offence or defence stat as standard. but the Enchanted Loom allows you to add secondary stats and apply specific traits to your gear. Of course, these upgrades require a variety of resources, which increase in both number and rarity depending on the upgrade level. You can only upgrade your gear three times, so choose carefully before spending your resources.

As you might expect, traits are more versatile than upgrades. Instead of a straightforward stat increase, you’re prompted to choose from a list of traits you’ve discovered. Some may apply damage buffs to specific spells, while others boost your effectiveness when fighting specific enemy types.

You can expect to receive the ‘Loom for Improvement’ achievement after your first upgrade, with a further achievement available to unlock fully upgrading a piece of gear – fittingly called ‘Third Time’s a Charm’.

Now you know how to upgrade gear in Hogwarts Legacy, you should have no trouble when it comes to fighting the most fearsome fantastic beasts. As anyone partial to RPG games can attest, the gear with the best stats isn’t always the most fashionable to wear. Thankfully, the Hogwarts Legacy transmog system is at your disposal, allowing you to preserve your sense of fashion as you explore, and with Hogwarts Legacy mods doing gangbusters since the games release, it won’t be long before you can look as ridiculous as you want. Unfortunately, no amount of upgrades can help you with the Hogwarts Legacy clock tower or Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle solutions – luckily, we’ve got the guides you need for both.

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