Sorry, Warlocks, you haven’t won the Destiny 2 Guardian Games


The Destiny 2 Guardian Games winner hasn’t yet been chosen, despite what you may have heard. Unfortunately for the many Warlock mains who logged into the space FPS game to see that they’d been victorious in the class showdown, Bungie says the early announcement was an accident – although its choice of wording has only led to plenty of tongue-in-cheek jokes from the Destiny 2 community.

Booting up the game to compete in the race to earn Medallions and claim glory for their favourite Destiny 2 class, players were surprised to find an announcement banner proclaiming, “Warlocks won Guardian Games 2023!” The message relays that “Warlocks earned the most Medallions and won this year’s Games,” and tells players that they should head to the Tower to see the closing ceremony.

If you’re a Titan or Hunter main, don’t fear, as Bungie has since confirmed the message was delivered in error. The official Bungie Help account tweets, “We’re aware that an in-game message announcing the winner of Guardian Games was sent out erroneously. Guardian Games still have two weeks left and the winning class has not been officially announced yet.”

Of course, that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given that – as the tweet notes – there are still two more weeks before a winner is chosen. That hasn’t, however, stopped Warlock players on Twitter and the Destiny 2 Reddit from calling Bungie to “Stop the count!”

Destiny 2 Guardian Games error - Tweet from Bungie Help reading,

Other players take a different tack. With Titans victorious in the inaugural 2020 Guardian Games, Hunters bringing home the trophy in 2021, and Warlocks claiming it in 2022, there’s long been a half-joking rumour that the games were “rigged” to give every class their chance. That’s not helped by Bungie tweeting that the winning class hasn’t been “announced,” instead of saying it hasn’t been determined yet. However, that pattern suggests Warlocks shouldn’t be next in line for the throne anyway.

Another in-game message, one that seems more intentional, suggests that Titans are in fact the class to have taken an early lead in the competition – something that would fall in line with large swathes of the community who are rooting for a Titan win to honour Zavala actor Lance Reddick, who passed away suddenly this year. Reddick himself was famously a Warlock main, however, so the mistaken announcement would probably have put a smile on his face.

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There’s still plenty to play for in the Destiny 2 Guardian Games, then – so get out there and make it count by gearing up with one of the best Destiny 2 builds and rocking the best Destiny 2 Exotics in Lightfall. You’ll want to keep an eye out for the recent Destiny 2 season pass price increase, however, or it may prove more expensive than it looks at first glance.

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